The Countdown has started

Lulu is just 4 days away from being reunited with us. We are both anxious that she has a good flight. We will be getting the house ready over the next few days.

I spent hours last night reading about fracking, looking at satellite images of the area and checking on google maps exactly where we will be in relation to the exploration fields.

I feel a little more relaxed now. We are protected Northwards by a nature reserve and Southwards (?) by a designated Ancient Woodland. We have the railway and Itchen Navigation to the East and a low density housing buffer and the motorway to the West. We would not be insulated from possible earth tremors but I think the aquifers are safe and the immediate vicinity is not vulnerable. Famous last words. So we move forward and wait for the building survey to be done on Thursday. I was in two minds whether to have one done but decided to play safe and pay the money. The solicitors sent me a pack of searches they have done. I don’t recall ever having had these in the past but it is probably 15 years+ since I bought property in Britain. I find prices here scary. One has just gone on the market around the corner from our target house for £1.75m. They have an extra garage but marginally less land. I hope our vendors don’t decide to ask for more. I am already 50% above budget before Mrs. Ha starts the refurb.

The next goals are 1) sign the tenancy agreement for a 6m let and 2) exchange contracts. Once both of those are done we can breathe out for a while. Assuming our royal visitor arrives safely. I suspect she has quietly enjoyed her stay at Dogotel and we have found the move easier without her to worry about each day. Nonetheless this is not an exercise I want to repeat in a hurry.

One of the joys of being in Britain in February is watching the Six Nations rugby championship. I say ‘well done England’ through gritted teeth and thank Ireland and France for an enjoyable if bruising game of rugby, edged by the Irish. Rugby is slowly being ‘cleaned up’. Scrums are not what they were and although the old style were prone to being reset several times they were more exciting. The advent of the upright tackle is to be deplored and that will have to go next. Far too dangerous. If we are not careful it will end up like American Football with body armour and padding, topped off by motorbike helmets. And then we shall call it “cricket”. Except England can’t play cricket any more either. Tonked by the Aussies again yesterday. Thank goodness for being Welsh – unless of course we lose to Scotland tomorrow. Then I shall have a face full of prime haggis and have to go into mourning for 12 months.  It is a tough life.

Oh and happy Valentine’s Day.

13 thoughts on “The Countdown has started

  1. Hooray for Lulu’s approaching arrival! I imagine she will be beside herself with excitement as will you both. I hope she is impressed with your preparations. Pictures will be nice….a little video even better. 🙂

    That is good news that you are fairly removed from the fracking activities. I am just appalled that the idea of fracturing the foundation upon which civilization exists is being allowed. There are already reports of issues with water quality and people’s health being affected here in the U.S.

    Hurry Wednesday. 🙂

  2. I hope that you’ve got the red carpet out for Miss Lulu’s imminent arrival. I bet you are both very excited to see her 🙂

    It sounds like everything is slowly coming together. Fingers crossed about the fracking, I don’t know much about it but in the past, if I’ve ever been worried about buying a house near a quarry for example, I’ve been to the local council offices and asked to see all the plans and talk to someone.

    How wonderful to be able to watch the rugby on at a ‘normal’ time – Pete’s off to Wembley in a couple of weeks to watch his beloved Chelsea in the final.

  3. Even better news is that in some advanced countries, communities are cutting lose from poles, pipes and wires, becoming totally self sufficient in power generation. With the new battery revolution and storage (salt pillars)it won’t be long when renewables will replace the present fossil burning polluting forms of energy. (Don’t buy shares in energy or resources companies)

  4. I’m glad that you did the homework regarding the fracking near your future home. I am totally against fracking. At the same time, I’m not for offshore drilling either. It has ruined marine life in parts of the Gulf which includes Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Native fish, birds and, wildlife suffered too, but then I am digressing here.

    It’s good to know that Lulu will soon be on her way. I know that Mrs Ha is more than a little excited about the reunion.

  5. Fracking is hard on the land, I’m not for it. There are worse neighbors tho. ..
    Lulu is going to be so happy to be back with you! Please be sure to post a reunion photo!

  6. I hope there is community input with fracking and wind turbines. Adequate compensation for any nuisance. Here the big corporation sharks pit neighbours against each other by sneakily getting confidentiality agreements signed up which results in legal impotence afterwards. This can mean that one land owner gets $1000.- per turbine and yet next door the farmer gets $ 20.000.-. Total freedom to the corporations!
    Here too, rugby is being nibbled at with tackling under scrutiny. The latest is when a concussion has occurred, the rugby player continues playing. If ‘playing’ is the apt word. I am still surprised though that they are allowed to run with the ball tucked under their arm.
    I can well imagine Lulu’s reception. Give her an extra bone from Gerard.
    Helvi.’s (golden) heart is safe till next August. She has an enlarged aorta and a valve that seeps a bit but with ‘Beta blockers’ medicine, quack is hopeful no operation necessary. So, good news.

  7. You might be Welsh but it is your cricket team as well, it is after all the English and Welsh Board!!

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