A walk on the tame side

We did a riverside walk today and I added Mallard and Chaffinch to my list. Another Jay and a ridiculously tame Robin, photographed with a 56mm lens.RobinIt is cropped but it is acceptable for blogging purposes. We chatted to a man fishing for Grayling before walking round the back of the college. And I discovered a Victorian postbox. I don’t know how many are left. Coins? 8d?ย Victorian PostboxAnd finally on the theme of red we walked past The Bishop’s Palace. A modest abode for such an elevated luminary. I suppose I mitres well check if it is for sale.


Does it ever warm up in Britain?


31 thoughts on “A walk on the tame side

  1. Letter box? Whatever are they used for?

    We were -35ยฐC yesterday morning. I will happily exchange whatever yours was. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But it’s all relative to what one is used to. Daytime temps yesterday were in the +teens and felt balmy…or maybe that was my brain feeling balmy. Today it is 17ยฐF/-8ยฐC but with strong winds that will lower the wind chill to around -35ยฐF/-37ยฐC at times. I have returned to my dislike of winter.

    That was an accommodating robin. Maybe the birds in Great Britain are a bit less timid than in HK?

  2. The letter box and it’s signage are great, they took all those corner mail boxes any way in the states, it’s great to see how traditions in some places are still steadfast and true.
    I hope all is well Andrew

  3. Just for the record, I’ve looked up the weather in Winchester and compared it with temperatures here – stop complaining! You are a full 5 degrees warmer than we are today!

    • It was cold and bleak, Simon. However the Robin cheered us up. They are new to Mrs. Ha and she was impressed. She was also fascinated at Blackbirds and why the females are brown. I am seeing Britain through new eyes. More rain forecast for tomorrow but we shall soldier on.

  4. Ah, the shot of the Robin is proof you are back and in top spirits. The letter box and its electricity wiring stapled on the window sill is proof you’re in British territory. Someone probably done a swifty and getting free power.
    Great mansion Andrew. Did you curtsy a bit, walking past?

  5. Mitres well โ€“ ouch! Love your robin. I’ve been nose to nose with one all yesterday and today as I tried to prise matted roots out of the rhododendron tubs. I don’t know what he thought he could find as I could see nothing.

  6. I love the bird, of course, but the mail box and then the last picture–and the question about ever getting warm–are my favorites, Andrew. And to answer the question: it looks a lot warmer than here in Colorado. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. So sorry but I think I missed commenting,. The red mailbox is my favorite here since it is from long ago. But the robin is a charmer. It SURELY WAS A TAME BIRD.

    I’ve sort of been askew. I thought I commented. But I scrolled through and maybe I had/had not. My PC has been acting up and it had 25 spybots that shut my computer down. I had the protection on my PC but had not thought to run it. Now all is well in River City again.

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