HRH Arrives

At 07.20 we headed off to Heathrow’s Animal Reception Centre. The SatNav worked for once and we arrived in good time. We hoped HRH would be available at 09.00.

We were greeted warmly by the staff at the centre. They said Lulu had arrived safely, was limping slightly but eating and drinking. The limp was I think from spending 18 hours in a crate. There was no sign of it when we saw her.

However we had to wait for the agents to process the paperwork when they arrived at 09.00. So we fell to chatting with other owners. All delightful people, one couple from Sai Kung just to make it even better. An Irish couple, tattooed and be-ringed, proved to be a lovely, warm couple with a small dog, a Brussels Griffon, that was just bursting with energy and affection when it came through. An an Ozzie waiting for his French Bulldog.

We were second in line. The lady came out carrying Lulu and with my iPhone I videoed the hand over to Mrs. Ha. Lulu was shaking and confused, much like me. She looked tiny but everybody made a huge fuss of her and she is already a star on the Centre’s Facebook page. Slowly she realised that after almost 3 weeks and a 6,000 mile flight she was back in her mum’s arms. She thawed out and the mass-lick started.

We brought her home and she is settling into her old routine. Eat, sleep and be merry. She is already listed as a guest on the cottage rental receipt. We are happy to be together with her again and we hope she enjoys the climate. This has been a happy day. A big thank you to the staff at LHR, who clearly love the animals. Every  one of you is a star.

25 thoughts on “HRH Arrives

  1. Thank you for sharing this touching reunion, Andrew. It has been such a difficult, long journey for all of you. How glad I am that you are all reunited and off on your new adventure.

  2. I’m so happy to hear HRH has been reunited with her staff. Please pass on a good belly rub from me! 😁

  3. I was worried about Lulu being separated from you for so long and then being shut up in the plane for 18 hours. But she seems to have traveled well and it’s great to hear that Princess Lulu is now her normal self, basking in the worship of her subjects. 🙂

  4. What a relief to find Lulu well and, even if somewhat disoriented, happy to see her mum and dad again! Transporting animals is almost more traumatic for the humans than for the animals, I think — I’m so glad it all ended joyfully 🙂

  5. I am so pleased she is home (i.e. with you) again. I was worrying about the trauma of the journey. In fact this is my problem with animals – you can’t explain why something hurts or you aren’t available to go out, so I end up feeling guilty. I know, the compensations far outweigh all else. I hope you finds a thousand new and interesting smells.

  6. Oh, my Andrew, I began crying when I read your account Shirley and Lulu. It does not take much to make me cry when it comes to dogs, cats, and horses. I’m far too sentimental for my own good. I think the 18-hour trip was traumatic for her. But there was no other way. Lulu is so tiny and so delicate. I thought I heard Mrs Ha say she had lost a bit of weight. If she has not, I’d be very surprised.

    The video is very good and Mrs Ha looks a bit more rested than the pic of her that you took before the move. I’m so glad that the family is complete again.

  7. What a happy story! I love the video you included 🙂
    Poor little thing has been through a major ordeal not understanding anything that’s been happening. I actually have tears in my eyes for her reunion with you. ❤

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