View From The Top

A quick walk up St. Giles Hill this morning as the air was clear. Three shots to brighten my day. If you look carefully at the first photo you can see the statue of King Alfred the Unready. He was a famous Saxon King, who launched a contemporary version of The Great British Bake-Off. Unfortunately he was distracted by Nigella Lawson and the cakes burned. He was livid and shouted: It’s not fair. I wasn’t ready. Thereafter he was always known as Alfred the Unready. Some refer to him as Alfred the Grate as the burnt remnants of his Victoria sponge ended up just there. In the grate. He is often confused with his crossing-dressing sister, the socialist leaning Red Ethel. I hope this insight into English history is useful.Broadway




38 thoughts on “View From The Top

  1. It sounds so contemporary to me, ‘the unready’. 😉
    I’m impressed by the building on the left corner of the first photo. The city looks so beautiful!, but…what did they have in mind when building that flat?

  2. It is useful because to know that people were crazy that far back in time makes me think there’s still hope for our lives
    I love the photos especially the architecture,of that old world feel, nothing says pride then to see what people built way back when

  3. These photos are wonderful. I especially like the first one, the way you’ve captured the blue distance and then the progression to a warm foreground. And to add to Sheldon’s comment, the pride of a people that KEEPS it’s architecture. Priceless.
    Suffering here from extreme cold, howling winds and ugliness everywhere. Thank you for this view of a more gracious world.

  4. It’s nice to see a view of a town from above. I am fascinated with the varying roof tops. The streets look so narrow but maybe that’s my misconception. Yes, I can see Alfred’s statue sticking out into the street. Looks as if the weather was not too bad that day.

    • It is 10 minutes from where we are staying, Hilary. The path is opposite us and it is a steep climb but plenty of pausing places. Now 2015 And All That

  5. Funny, the more of your posts I see from the new homeland same as the old homeland, the more I believe you are enjoying yourself and much of the doubt has been removed. Truth?

    Your reference to King Alfred the Unready made me think of, for no good reason I can explain, this guy whose name has always given me a bit of a tickle. I first read of Ivar in a history of Britain many years ago, but at that time we had no Wikipedia to give an explanation. Which do you think most accurate? 🙂 I am not sure why, maybe it is just the language we share, but I have always enjoyed the history of Britain much more than any other country or people. Red Ethel? When I Googled that, all I got was pictures of Ethel and Lucy the Red. I always thought cross-dressing was an accepted practice in the olden times…or maybe it was just that style with the puffy baggies and tight stockings.

    In that regard, I have enjoyed your images of the architecture and look forward to more.

  6. I am amazed how the photos are so colourful even on an overcast day. There is a wonderful sense of warmth about them. The sun did break through as it always does in England for those that wait patiently.

    • Gerald, that is an EXCELLENT illustrative definition of the concept “patience”. I lived in England for a year, as a child, and I believe, although I am not certain, that I did spot the sun during that year. (If that object was indeed the sun.)

  7. First, I must tell you how alarmed I was when I read “Three shots to brighten my day.” I had forgotten this was a photography blog. Happily, moments later, I remembered. Relieved? I tell you! But then, in the sentence before last, was something even MORE upsetting: “…the socialist leaning Red Ethel.” I had to sit down and fan myself.

    You do see it, don’t you? It’s glaring right at you–
    practically thumbing it’s non-existent nose at you with its stubbiest invisible digit. What? What do you mean, what do I mean? Why…the GAP! The ABSENCE! The NOTHING where there should be something! The missing hyphen in “socialist-leaning”, of course! I trembled again–with inward-looking horror–just thinking about it.

    But the laughing I did at Unready Al and The Cake’s Grate Fate made up for it.
    (You know, had Al prepared loaves rather than cakes, he could have been Alfred the Bunready…)

  8. Beautiful scenes here and the detail, outstanding. Noidea what kit you are using but you’ve obviously matered both the equipment, technique, and your eye for amazing images!

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