21 thoughts on “Ivy

  1. A sort of ‘huey green’, well captured and always have a camera with you in case ‘opportunity knocks’. Sorry could not resist.
    Good luck with your new property.

  2. I love what you shot Andrew,between the lite and ivy,good luck my friend,I can’t imagine all of what you are go I.g through,we are just beginning to talk about moving because of the school system is so poor,and my daughter is missing out s lot of what she needs,every time we talk I got rite to seeing red,at my another mortgage,well need I say more
    Keep your chin up,stay out of rough waters

  3. Pretty little ivy on the wall basking in the sun. I think that shot was well worth your time.

    Hopefully your money pit will become the abode of what a dream home/estate should look like. If yo don’t go hog wild you should have something ultra nice but not outrageous. 🙂

  4. Wonderful shot of the ivy (hedera) you don’t want growing in your trees!
    BTW – Are you building? I may have missed that. More luck to you if you are. I’ll admit, after being in the construction business, I’d never build anything. Well, maybe a tree house!

  5. I’m very glad you were polite to that ivy, it rewarded you well.

    And now I see you have had blessed success with the contract. Hats in the air for that, Andrew, Mrs Ha and Lulu the Luscious.

    • There will indeed be a budget, Hilary but I suspect it will bear no relation to the final cost 😦

      We have our own ivy but thank you for the offer.

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