Mr. & Mrs. and other figures of Winchester

I went back to 108 Colebrook Street today to take some wider shots of Mr. & Mrs.  It is tricky as it is a narrow street with many cars parked so there is some distortion from the wide angle lens at close quarters. I also noticed much higher up a third stone figure. Suggestions? Bruce Forsyth?untitled-18-EditHere are two wider shots of the earlier figures.untitled-4

untitled-3I mentioned before that this building was owned by a charity and today I noticed a planning application stuck to a door. It seems to be seeking permission to set up a kitchen facility. And then on to the High Street, where these 5 stared down at me.untitled-9-Edit


untitled-8-EditNot people I would want decorating my exterior. Much more to my taste was this scene as I walked through to the Cathedral Close.untitled-14-Edit

I have hardly begun to scratch the surface.

To end here is a revelation about the evolution of language. I was persuaded to visit the John Lewis store in Southampton today. We chatted with a designer, who kept talking about ‘window treatments’. My mind was thinking ‘putty’. After ten minutes I had worked out that window treatments are actually curtains. I regard this as an abomination. From today I urge you to join my campaign against ‘window treatments’. It must be curtains for this nonsense.

28 thoughts on “Mr. & Mrs. and other figures of Winchester

    • Probably your dad and I are of a similar age, Melissa. We constantly bemoan the loss in standards. However I am reading a book written 100 years ago that says exactly the same sort of thing that we older folk say today. It is a generational thing. Maybe one day window treatments will be standard in the language. Hopefully I won’t be around to see it though.

      • I was bemoaning habitat loss or something along those lines the other day, and then came across something that had been written a long time ago, and the author was making the same lament. Ah, for the good old days…

  1. I do think all of the good replies have been covered. No need to hang around in your comment section. .. 😉
    Those are pretty scary carvings, but aren’t they supposed to keep bad spirits out?

  2. Maybe I have been away for too long because I would never had guessed window treatment means curtains, will need to remember that. It would be really interesting if you could get inside and document the building.

  3. Gee Andrew, you need not be suckered in to spend a fortune for “winodw treatments.” But then maybe you house demands ultra style. Personally I like shutters. You can swing the shutters wide open or move the “blinds os slats” which ever you prefer to call them. Wooden shutters come in different colors and never need to be taken down for cleaning or washing. Just dust the slats with a micro fiber cloth.

    No offense to Steve. But shutters are a “window treatment, at least for me since I “treated” some of my windows to a dressing – with wooden slats. 🙂

    Now about those carvings. It seems the person doing the aet work decided to make the devil look like a female since he added boobs to the one with horns. I suspect he was a bit confused about his/her sexuality. That one is also bow legged and pigeon toed. Gee those carvings are ugly. I’m sorry Andrew. i’m just telling it like i see it. 🙂 But your photos are A plus.

    • The carvings are very ugly Yvonne and I expect deliberately so. I think Adam & Eve must be in there somewhere because of the serpent.

      I leave decisions on window treatments to Mrs. Ha. I am sure she will do the right thing.

  4. Windows feature a lot. Window dressing, window shopping and now window treatment. In our government we have people that are ‘whips’ Yet, they appear normal. I would hate to be called a whip. How do we know who is a whip and who isn’t?
    Do people greet each other? How is your window treatment today? Or, pardon me madam, your window treatment is showing.

  5. To live in a man’s world is certainly just curtains but to those who are decorating it costs more if they are window treatments. Marketing, my friend,it’s always comes down to the dollar amount,it’s a delicacy just waiting to happen,as though it’s not just raw fish it’s sushi,come on Andrew get with it or it curtains for you………

  6. Hey, hey, HEY!!!!!! I am a window treatment installer. They are more than curtains. Several different kinds of blinds and shades…some of which that almost disappear when drawn to the top. Some that drop down from the top for privacy with light entering from above etc. Or would you exhibitionists rather let the world gaze upon your gloriousness as you leave the shower…or there are those wondrous semi-opaque glass blocks to allow light but no visibility. Lovely abominations those. Hmmmph. I think I’ll just go in the corner and sulk whilst I suck my thumb. Bunch of bummers.

    Now I am supposed to say nice things about the photographs? Well, I do like the goat keystone. 🙂 And I guess the ladies must have been considered as very strong for them to be models of stone bracketry. 🙂

    Mumble, mumble, mumble…..


  7. Intimate aspects of the world around us make for some of the best photography and half the fun is figuring out the history. You seem to have found a gem.

  8. They should pull themselves together ! Or has that one already gone.
    The good news as equal opportunities employers is they recruit a lot of blind people

  9. Darn, I got to this party too late, all the good retorts have been taken.

    Hey, you have made some good finds there. They must have some interesting history in their background.

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