Stone carvings St. John’s Almshouses, South Side. Winchester

I think the title says it all. I took these on my walk to the newsagent to buy Private Eye.




Carvedstonehead3Once again I have been unable to put a name to a face. One is clearly a bishop and the other presumably a royal. I shall investigate further.

12 thoughts on “Stone carvings St. John’s Almshouses, South Side. Winchester

  1. Andrew, you have an amazing talent for photographing images that beg to become writing prompts. This set would make a wonderful illustrated article in a writing magazine. As I was studying the pictures, a friend who is also a writer looked over my shoulder and was fascinated by the selection. We each had very different ideas about what we would write…which shows the open interpretations.
    Well done.

  2. They sure don’t make buildings like they used to. Figures like this and so much detail and symbolism went into decorating them. Great textures and light on this guy along with your expert processing make for some interesting images!

    • Thank you Denise. These were of course shot in colour but I have a preset I created in Silver Efex and I used that to do the conversion. Then I tweaked it a little when it was imported back into LR. The main decision was which aperture would give me sufficient DoF for the carvings but render the backgrounds as out of focus as possible.

  3. I love this fascination Andrew,why not there be a name for the face,it haven’t come to me till today yes you have something here good.luck on your quest to find out

  4. These are much more impressive and much easier on the eye. What would happen to the carvings if some type of cleaner were used to get the grim, etc off the carvings. Would it ruin the carvings causing them to crumble? Or, is it preferable to leave them as is so that the carvings continue to look old?

    Your new location certainly has lots of history. Is there a historical society that oversees the old things to ensure that history is preserved? And if so, who pays for it?

    • The stonework is covered in algae Yvonne. I am not sure what they would use but the cathedral undergoes cleaning so there must be a safe way of doing it. There are many notable historians, who have written on Winchester. Most old sites have a “Friends of” group that helps sustain them. The buildings from which these heads were taken are owned by a charity and they are well funded.

    • They don’t make them like that any more Steve although there are very talented stonemasons doing restoration work. It isn’t quite a lost art.

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