Yes but is it Art

i was experimenting with my new camera yesterday, an iPhone 6+. This was poorly received on FB but *** them. I like it. 

Can you guess what it is yet? 


42 thoughts on “Yes but is it Art

  1. Okay, so first I thought it was a highway with a bunch of cars going by but then it looks like there’s a window in the background so now I’m thinking birthday candles??

  2. Andrew, have you been to Honkers and back. Maybe these are lights in Hong Kong or on some object. I saw a comment that suggested candles on a cake. She might be correct. I have no idea. Glad you’re back wherever you went to or not.

  3. Seems like a photo taken in HK driving through the city while you were a passenger in a car. The blue and green in the background look like high rises. Will be interesting to read about how different my interpretation of the image is from the actual thing photographed! Safe travels! ✈️

  4. MUG them – no, HUG them – no , S*D oops I think I got it – hope that helps Steve Gingold
    I like moving my camera a little to obtain those abstract light scenes. But I’m not sure mine is art. I would never comment an another’s.

    • I didn’t plan to buy the 6+ Melissa but eventually decided to go for it as it can almost replace my iPad. My old phone is 4 years old and dying. I think with smaller hands the 6 is better but I can just about manage to use the + with one hand.

      • Good to know, Andrew. Thanks. My phone is just a phone, and I often feel I’m missing out on all the phone fun. However I think I’ll wait until it is ready to die before I upgrade. Who knows what the technology will look like by then?

  5. Thank you for visiting,I am so glad that the house although trying is coming together,I’ve missed you stories,they always have this underlying sarcasm that only you have
    See you soon

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