Absence makes the blog grow fonder?

Life seems to be running too fast for me. My list of ‘to do’ things grows more intimidating each day. Not many of them have been ticked off as the completion date for the move approaches. The big step forward for Mrs. Ha was contracting for the kitchen of her dreams and my nightmares. I simply cannot find the energy to sit and blog.

My therapy has been walking. Camera and binoculars in tow, Mrs. Ha by my side. If the sun looks like it will shine we try to grab an hour or so of R&R. I suspect my blogging is going to be curtailed for many months. I have a major challenge finding a way of getting decent broadband speeds as we are not on the superfast fibre optic network. It is all I can do to get a 4G signal of any strength.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about the garden and how to get the most out of it. Growing our own vegetables is one project and adding a wildlife pond is another. I intend to leave a large area of grass uncut to see what emerges and only mow what is close to the house.

Well if you are still with me, here are a few images from the last couple of walks.

Prior’s GateKingsgateKingsgatePriorsgateWinchester Cathedraluntitled-7-EditInside the closeCathedral gateway

32 thoughts on “Absence makes the blog grow fonder?

  1. I’m envious of your ability to walk outside, in and around your new home, and see the sights you see. I’m thankful you share them here. The time I spent in England is so indelibly etched on my brain (and heart it appears) that I get an instant feeling of “I’m supposed to be there” every time I see such photos. I never thought I believed in prior lives…but I just can’t help but think there’s more to it than I imagined. This connection is so strong, and so pulling, if you will, that there must be a reason. I’m sticking around, no matter how long between posts, just to wallow in the wonder of it all. Thanks Andrew.

  2. we have started talking about moving just the thought of moving causes me to have a panic attack,your range or level of accomplishments are so that I can’t believe you have gotten this far without totally losing whatever mind you have left. My hat goes off to you Andrew
    As always Sheldon

  3. Oh, crumbs, I’ll miss hearing about what is happening in your lives. But, we loyal groupies will be here when you have a few moments to share news.

  4. You have nothing to worry about when you get around and take such great shots. As for the garden, don’t worry about the lawn, just neglect it and get a goat instead, tethered to a tree, move it about and keep it away from the washing line. Lulu will have a whale of a time playing with the billy goat.
    Have you thought of keeping chickens?

    • Now, that takes the prize for lateral thinking! If it’s a nanny goat, there’s your milk supply. Then you can make cheese, and along with the eggs, you’ll soon pay off the home renovations.

  5. Good to see the monochrome images of your walk, they really lend themselves to the medieval.
    Looking through an arch always seemss to add to the story-telling, particularly the last one in the series.

    It must be England (ie not enough time to do everything). Also our pathetic broad (narrow)band leaves much to be desired. Lots of pavements being dug up around here and there are BT vans in evidence, could it be a sign?

    • I am disappointed in the broadband Geoff. There is a fibre optic box nearby but they won’t connect anybody! There is some lobbying going on by ex-IBMers so maybe we will get an upgrade eventually.

  6. Stunning photos of Winchester, you are doing a great job as photographer/ambassador of your new home town. It all looks delightful. Your plans for house and garden are sounding good and I’m really happy for you both that you’ve settled in to Brit life so quickly.
    How’s Miss Lulu? Is she enjoying her new surroundings?

    • Lulu is fine thanks Lottie but we want to get her settled. One more move coming up. Oddly the problem is finding a local food she likes as her favourite biccies are not sold here.

  7. I’m impressed with you being able to blog at all. I keep wanting to write a stand alone piece but cannot find the time (and all I’m doing is hanging wallpaper and pointing walls). Good luck with everything.

  8. It’s nice to know that things are going as good as one could expect with home renovations. It does get mighty tiresome but you have that hour for you and Mrs. Ha to move about and get excellent photos for your followers to enjoy. I really like the grand old church. I’m glad you’re back even if it’s once in a while.

    PS: I’ve been following you on Flickr. 🙂

    • I have seen you keeping an eye on Flickr, Yvonne. I am very grateful. The preparations are extremely tiring and I could not have done this unless my heart had been fixed. I hope you are feeling better as Spring approaches.

      • Thank you and it is my pleasure to watch your postings on Flickr. Sometimes Flickr will not let me in by clicking on the email notice and so I don’t take the time to sign in. I’ve had lots of problems with having to change my password more times than I can count. So the last time I made a very complicated one and Yahoo has left me alone.

        I am feeling fair but my pacemaker report as of 3 weeks ago was excellent. It is mini EKG recorder for abnormal heart beats and the clinician told me that I’ve not had any afib except for one time after the pacemaker procedure. I decided to use the approach of wait and see. So I follow a very strict diet and take the meds.

        I am in agreement that you would not have had the strength to make the move and then begin a renovation project to boot. It takes lots of stamina and inner strength to accomplish those things.

      • I’m pleased the AF has reduced in frequency Yvonne. Maybe the diet is helping. I know my meds did little and some gave me unacceptable side-effects. Take it easy though as the temperatures and humidity rise. I always found hot humid days especially bad.

        Yahoo seems particularly difficult. I think I can sign in using my google password too but even if I jot down my password reset Yahoo can be a pain and refuse me access. No idea why. I am not a great user of Flickr these days.

  9. Don’t worry about not being able to blog regularly, Andrew. Get the move out of the way and the house sorted – then you’ll have heaps of material to blog about 🙂

    Love the photos, btw …

  10. Eventually you will reach an equilibrium. There never really is an end to home maintenance and property management. Good luck with all the projects. We’ll be here when you have the time.

  11. Welcome to slow internet connection – whatever they say in their manifestos I’m not going to believe them till I can have uninterrupted network coverage. (Our broadband shuts down immediately our neighbour logs on via Talk Talk which over-rides BT down our road. Apparently we are on the end of a line).
    Will be sad not to have your frequent updates on the move and home improvement front but look forward to any snippets you can share. Good luck with the kitchen. I hated having ours updated. It took ages – living on microwave meals or takeaways is no fun after the first couple of days.

    • Jenny, our understanding is that BT has priority because they own the lines and lease them to the other suppliers. We will probably go with SKY because they have the best speeds but they may not be the most stable. So complicated.

  12. Thank you for sharing these photographs, Andrew. You’re up, walking outside, carrying a camera, and enjoying the possibilities. You’ll have more energy soon, and the kitchen will be perfect.

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