Winchester explored

A few more photographic records from my daily wanderings. Starting with some of Winchester’s venerable watering holes:The Eclipse Inn

William WalkermonoAnd then a rather snazzy shop window (where I have recently bought a shirt or two, though none features a red flower 🙂CadoganA rather catchy set of cafe chairsChairsAnd another take on the red doorsRed Doors2Doubtless more to follow

23 thoughts on “Winchester explored

  1. Though I am very much a b&w fan, the tables and chairs you photographed, I find particularly stunning. Beautifully saturated, rich colours, and the framing, perfect. Hope you are well and enjoying your new( or is it old) digs!

  2. A fine walkabout if from a day’s jaunt and a nice selection if from a few, Andrew.
    As much as I like the bunch, those chairs and your treatment of them is suberb.
    The waistcoat, well I have already been silly enough, haven’t I? 🙂 It is quite the eyecatcher.

  3. Already love a great pub photo. The red doors look like the doors of a large cuckoo clock.

  4. I really like getting to see what a citt/town looks like. Seems that the British know how to keep old things and make those building become productive. I wish Americans could learn how to more conserving., The churches are impressive but I like seeing the pubs too.

    • It is full of history, Yvonne and the city is a big tourist attraction. It also has some of Britain’s best schools so it is a very sought after location.

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