Mallard Fizz?

A Scottish Mallard about to administer a Glasgow Kiss to an innocent Sassenach. See you, Jimmy!Mallard Fizz


17 thoughts on “Mallard Fizz?

  1. These two are so beautiful that almost don’t look real. My husband was an a-one duck hunter that was considered the best in our area. He knew all the calls and could tell the species of ducks in flight. I never did not master that except for the very basic flight patters of 1-2 species.

    He was also a master duck/goose caller. Our son is no slob either but he does not hunt ducks or geese anymore.

    My husband’s hunting was a sore spot with me but he had been hunting since he was a very young and the idea of changing his way of thinking was not in the cards.

    • I am reasonably sanguine about people who hunt for the pot, Yvonne ( providing they do not target vulnerable species). I do take issue with shooting for fun and especially the wholesale slaughter that goes on in some of the Mediterranean countries. That is just beyond the pale.

      • The opinions expressed are those of the readership.
        Why don’t you write them in Welsh and then not many people would be able to decipher any non-PC elements? In fact, not many people would be able to make much sense of anything you’d write at all!
        Mae fy hofrenfad yn llawn llyswenndd
        – my hovercraft is full of eels.
        Pasg Hapus!

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