Reflections in the wind

We went for a walk this morning to blow away the cobwebs of yesterday’s accident and our sleepless night. Thank you all for the very kind comments.

It was decidedly chilly this morning and rather dull but we felt better afterwards. Here are my 2 favourites from the morning.

Bleak Moors


16 thoughts on “Reflections in the wind

  1. Very beautiful and serine. It would take me awhile to shake your visions of the last day also. Sweet sleep tonight, my friend!

  2. It is funny, curiously speaking, that an experience such as yesterday’s with Cameron can affect how we respond to life in the following days. I wonder how you might have captured and processed these images if you were of a different mind. Hard to say, but I do like what you saw and presented from your walk. The ripples especially are quite intriguing with their resemblance to the treetops that are somewhat hidden behind.

  3. I’m glad you’re doing well and settling in, Andrew.
    The second picture reminds me so much of the lake near where I grew up. The Ozarks cut through that part of southeast Kansas, and the woods around the lake were amazing. Kind of eerie, but vivid and real, like you photograph.

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