Good news for Cameron. Bad news on socks.

I received an e-mail this afternoon to let me know that Cameron suffered bruises and lacerations but nothing more. He has been discharged to recover at home. Having seen him lying in the road with blood all over his shirt I am amazed and mightily relieved. I suspect the driver is also breathing a long sigh of relief.

We missed a walk today due to poor weather. We trudged gamely up to Jewry Street to have lunch at Brasserie Blanc. Jolly good the food was too. Yesterday we booked Mrs. Ha’s birthday lunch at Rick Stein. There is something to be said for not having a proper kitchen to call your own. Then we zig-zagged our way home. No alcohol of course but a few shops to investigate. Winchester has two Waterstones and I have discovered an inability to walk past without going in and buying something. Today I emerged with 3 books to ward off the threat of rainy days ahead.

Then we explored – wait for the excitement – the sock racks at M&S. Cheapish they may be but you can’t buy one pair. They seem to come in a week-long supply. That means you have to buy some naff colours to go with the ones you want. I refuse categorically to wear canary yellow socks. I am not French or Italian. Red I can live with as a Welshman but I draw the line at yellow. So M&S drew nothing from me and we wandered off (a zag this time) to that esteemed emporium, Cadogan, home of Joseph’s Multicolour Dream-Waistcoat, admired by so many. Mrs. Ha checked the price. Well unless we want to mortgage Lulu I don’t think it will ever find its way into my wardrobe (if I had one).

I on the other hand was back on a sock purchase mission. I selected several individual pairs of tastefully coloured socks with nary a canary in sight. And at that point I went to pay. £27. Each pair. At this point I could do my usual quip about wanting to buy the socks not the store, put them back in horror and dismay or simply hide my embarrassment and cough up. Guess which I chose? £135 for 5 pairs of socks. I am tempted to have them framed and hung on the wall (clean of course). I don’t think M&S sells anything that costs £135. The difference of course is that my socks are ‘Made in Italy’ and the week-long kaleidoscopic sock-pack from M&S would probably have been made in Sri Lanka or worse still, China. So I evidently have the advantage of style and workmanship par excellence. Except that I shall be too scared to wear them.

We headed home. I was heavy of heart and light of wallet. Mrs. Ha seemed to think we had had a narrow escape and bought well. Never mind the width, feel the quality. Then I thought of Cameron and how short life might have been. I can only conclude the there is a message in those socks – get out there and live life to the full. There is no place in life for M&S socks. Especially if they are canary yellow.

I rounded the day off with a fulsome rant at the Lexus dealer and strangely I now feel much better. I didn’t ask what socks he was wearing.

Here as reward for getting to the end of the sock-saga, is another image from Winnall Moors.


42 thoughts on “Good news for Cameron. Bad news on socks.

  1. Quality over quantity. Your 27GBP socks will probably outlast at least two pairs of the M&S ones, as well as contribute towards a good living for someone 🙂

  2. Good to hear that Cameron will be able to enjoy his Easter eggs. Amazing how resilient an eleven year old can be.
    As for M&S, we were there last week on the same mission. OK if you want plain black. Otherwise forget it. We were faced with teenage mutant turtles. Canary yellow would’ve been a pleasant relief.

  3. M&S certainly went to the dogs (no disrespect to Lulu) some years back.
    There is a C&A store in Puerto Vallarta – never liked the Brit C&As but this one is wonderful. It had become a part of our annual to-do-list here. Didn’t need socks – so don’t have an opinion that (now there’s a first).

    Very happy to hear about Cameron.

    The Aussie pic was a very nice gift

  4. You guys seem to be having an excellent time: imagine venting at the Lexus salesman !!! 😀
    V. glad that the boy is OK; and I feel fairly sure he won’t do THAT again. :/
    As for socks … they are really important, you know, Andrew: a man should be judged by his socks. Not that I feel AUD52 a pair can be justified. Still, your ankles will look very good !

  5. Great to hear that Cameron is doing so well! My Paul actually loves brightly coloured socks (even yellow ones!) and is dismayed we can only buy dull ones Downunder (black, navy blue, dark green, etc.). Perhaps we should log on to the M&S website and see if they’ll send sock all the way to Tasmania …

  6. Great news about Cameron!
    I happen to LOVE yellow socks on nattily dressed men, and will go so far as to say I love pink ones even more!!
    Ummm, is that photo upside down? It’s a winner either way, and I kind of like the quirky idea of showing it that way…would consider framing it and hanging it that way myself. 🙂

  7. So relieved about Cameron. I have solved the multicoloured men’s sock problem, by buying the M&S packs and dividing them among husband/sons-in-law in y role as Mother Christmas… though canary yellow? It was the with an without reindeer problem that I was tackling.

    I am totally smitten by the photo… after doing a headstand on my computer stool of course.

    • Splitting the pack? Brilliant idea Hilary. All I need now is to find people who are Canary Yellow positive to go with my A (blue) Negative. I’m glad you liked the photo.

  8. Forget about a message in the socks! How about a massage, as in, every time you put the socks on your feet, they massage your feet. For that price, they had well better!

  9. Thank heaven Cameron is ok except, I’m sure, for lots of bruising. That young man has a garden angel riding on his shoulder. I’m sure many folks were praying for his well-being. Now some folks need to get in gear and work on school bus laws.

    I figured the price of your socks and in American money they cost about $27 bucks per pair. One consolation is that the socks should last you till the end of an era. That’s a whole lotta socks there.

    Winchester seems to be a lovely and lively city. There is something there for just about all one could need and then some.

    Great pic Andrew. The reflections are beautiful in what appears to be a pond or stream with nice clear water.

  10. Thanks for the update on Cameron. Glad to hear he’s ok.
    I say you should flaunt your primo socks every chance you get … and since I’m married to a frenchman, canary yellow would not be out of bounds 😉

  11. So relieved to hear the good news of Cameron. Not so sure about the socks – just about the equivalent of my monthly grocery bill! Great photo!

  12. Such good news about Cameron’s prognosis.

    I wonder, did those posh socks come with their own garters? At that price, they very well should. But money is better spent than hoarded (don’t tell Mary Beth that I uttered those words) and as you indicated after Cameron’s near miss, life is short so go for the quality socks.

    Just out of curiousity…how did Jewry Street get its name…or should it be obvious? It reminds me of Gilda Radner’s Emily Litella routine.

    • Steve, I quote from Pevsner:

      In the 13th Century this was home to Winchester’s prosperous Jewish community, but now it is a regrettable demonstration of late 20th C subservience to the motorist 🙂

  13. Andrew you never cease to amaze me,you had me laughing so that I could barley finish reading,thank God for the boy he will thankfully recover,but canary yellow socks why Andrew they would go well if you taking photos at nite. Give the misses a hug and tell her happy birthday from the state’s,enjoy it while you can,you said it rite
    As always Sheldon

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