Swan Swum Blue (everybody knows one)

It was a diamond morning today and the swans were out:SwanSwumBlue

I too was up and out at 6.30 this morning to see the sun rise. A beautiful dawn, 3 Roe Deer at the pond, Water Rail near the reserve entrance and more Wrens than you can shake a stick at. Lots of Chiffchaffs too. Spring is tentatively peering over the parapet. The most bizarre moment was finding a man dressed only in swimming shorts in the middle of the reserve. He had a racing bike with him and I suspect he was ‘in training’. In true British fashion I greeted him “you are a braver man than I am”, to which he replied ‘or more stupid’. Who am I to disagree?

I still only have a 56mm lens so birds and skittish deer are out of the question so I am afraid you will have to make do with a few more land and waterscapes.Rippledreflections

Winnall DawnThe light changed quickly and I walked around the reserve twice. The birdlife was much greater after the sun had snuck over the horizon. It is a week to completion on the new home and then I can start to investigate what treasures the garden has to offer. In the meantime a daily walk around Winnall Moors is keeping me happy.


22 thoughts on “Swan Swum Blue (everybody knows one)

  1. Well, I think so too. When I saw the title I was going to make a diamond reference but, alas and alack, someone beat me to it.

    So you shot the mute singing “Swanee” with a 56mm or was that with a 24-1200mm digi thing? I am actually considering the Canon SX-6.

    Maybe you can start a little bike riding with your new friend there. Keeps the blood moving, I’m sure.

    • I looked at a second hand SX60 yesterday Steve but it was without warranty and only ยฃ80 cheaper than new. Not cheap enough to tempt me. They could not even tell me the shutter count. But it is a very good camera. my 56mm lens is x1.5 so about = to a Canon 85mm.

      • I have bought exactly one used photography item…a Zeiss 21mm lens this past autumn…from a photographer with whom I am familiar and was fairly confident of his honesty about the care and use. I think the only way to save big bucks is to wait for a new generation and by then the older generation has seen a lot of miles.

      • I would do that Steve but I already have an SX50. The trouble is it is packed in the container. I am tempted by a new SX60 but if I wait long enough (18m +) Fuji will release the 2 lenses I am waiting for!

  2. It would me, too, Andrew. You lucky bastard ! ๐Ÿ™‚
    As for Swan Swum Blue – does every garden grow one ?
    (In fact, that’s very clever !!!)

  3. I’m amused by all the witty comments. All I need to do is read the comments and I’ll get a good laugh. Yes, Andrew you are the clever man in blogosphere with you and Steve vying. Rod is also quite witty.

    I like the swan with the ripple effect in the water. All of the pics are quite nice.

    Missing most of your camera equipment must be frustrating to say the least.

  4. I LOVE the first picture, Andrew. You’ve captured the cool essence and the swan’s elegant beauty. And I’m still smiling at your title’s play on words, Song Sung Blue. This makes for a totally wonderful post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. There is something about bare trees against a glowing sky that stops me in my tracks every time~and the watery effects you have captured, as well. I am glad you have a reserve to walk around while awaiting your new home. How exciting.

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