23 thoughts on “There must be some way out of here………

  1. What an awesome guitar. I had to look for a while to get what you meant by ‘Harley Davidson’. I was thinking, ‘but he’s not sitting on a motorcycle???’. Then I saw that guitar.

    • Some of the You Tube videos were shot where he was playing today. We have a really good guys around the city. One plays The Shadows and the like and they make decent money. There was a youngster – maybe 12 or 13 – playing classical violin a few days ago. Very good indeed. We are lucky to get this free if we choose but I usually put a pound in the bucket.

  2. You gotta love those buskers. Some of them are quite talented. Such a shame but if they can make a living then whose to say they should be famous. But it would be nice if they could go into a really good recording studio and make some records that at least would preserve their music for generations to come.

    I like these B&W photos very much. I’ll check out You Tube. I see that he has CDs for sale. Hopefully he sells enough to get by.

    • I think they do well enough Yvonne. I suspect the taxman does not see every penny that goes in the hat. The CDs seem to sell ok and deservedly so. If I had a CD player I would buy one!

    I can’t believe there are no music producers around who can tell how good he is, Andrew ! – “One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer” is AWESOME !
    Mind you, I have a terrible weakness for a well-played harmonica.

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