A quick taster

Well my plan to start afresh with The Daily Yaffle, the journal of life in and around our garden has been vociferously voted down. So to kick us off with the new phase of All Downhill, here is the local hill and a bluebell from our garden.From Shawford Down

Native Bluebell

I need to write up my notes and start the posts. Be warned.


16 thoughts on “A quick taster

  1. Wow to the sky – and wow to the bluebell too! Much more advanced than mine, as they are just peeping through the soil.

  2. Great to see that you have a nice landscape to gaze across like you did in Sai Kung. I hope you have many such lovely sunrises to start your days and I am quite envious of your bluebells.

  3. A celestial sky, a heavenly view and a bosomy bluebell – what beauties!
    I actually rather like the sound of The Daily Yaffle – Am I allowed to change my mind about what I said yesterday? 🙂

  4. I’m another reader in cooler latitudes, still clinging on to the last of the daffodils here, overrun with dandelions, and definitely not expecting bluebells until May.

    • Native bluebells are indeed protected Charlotte. They are being ‘threatened’ by Spanish invaders. Best to leave ours where they are 😊

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