I apologise for not visiting blogs in the last 2 weeks and of course I have hardly been able to post. We do now have some sort of working internet. It is currently being ‘stabilised’. I hope to start my log of wildlife at the new home soon. Views on using this forum or a new blog?

Back anon.

19 thoughts on “Connected

  1. If you do move, leave a forwarding address! Can’t wait to see the woodpeckers.

  2. Like me with “Distant Drumlin” you picked a blog title that works everywhere. Good (or just lucky?) choice. People have already followed you from Hong Kong to Winchester, I think they will follow you into the ponds and leafpiles.

    • Ah and I had the perfect title for my new blog: The Daily Yaffle. The Green Woodpecker calls every day and is rapidly becoming my favourite bird. Unless of course its the Blackcap. I think I’ll stay though. Consensus demands it.

  3. Apologies accepted. Would love to see your wildlife pictures and as this is the only forum I can follow you on, I’m in favour of using this one.

  4. Oh stay as you are Andrew. This is a great blog with a great name – why change? Personally I find it irritating when one blog I follow splits into two – I’ve found that the stuff I’m interested in is always on ‘the other one ‘ so I’d favour putting it all in one place and let your readers/followers decide what to read. I’ve missed your blogs, by the way and wondered how the Winchester jungle telegraph was working. I’m having my broadband upgraded at the start of May by BT. Allegedly. Let’s wait and see. Looking forward to some of your wild Winchester shots.

  5. Hi Andrew, good to get a peek of your new abode. I think this blog works well for both wildlife sightings/discussions and place to ‘log’ your personal thoughts. Would keep things as they are 🙂

  6. I love all of the things that you write about, and all the photographs that you put up on here. Your blog’s title name is great and as such, a ‘moveable feast’ because I think the name works wherever you are in the world. Up to you, but if it was moi, I wouldn’t change a thing! Great news about you having the Internet at last. YAY!!

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