Specs Appeal

Do you like my new glasses? The Joe 90 of the moth world.Spectacle


I am really struggling without a decent macro lens and tripod. Unless something poses properly in good light the results are disappointing.

Two trees came down in the last 3 days and we have a fine pile of logs to split. Some of the sections are being recycled around the garden as perching posts for birds or natural backgrounds for insects. I used one small wedge of wood to photograph this little chap. The most likely confusion group for moths is caddisflies and this is probably Limnephilus marmorata, Cinnamon Sedge. It was equally confused as it was sleeping in my moth trap overnight.Caddisfly

The identification is tentative as there seems to be very little reference material on Caddisfly ID for the UK. A project for someone. My insect field guide says the Itchen is a hotspot for them and as we are very close to the river Itchen I am hoping we may get some strays as well as the ones from the garden pond.


13 thoughts on “Specs Appeal

  1. I had to research Joe 90…reminds a little, appearance wise sans glasses, of Max Headroom. Probably quite different characters.

    I think you are doing pretty decent without the macro and tripod. Nice caddis profile.

    Are you having the brush chipped for the gardens? Shame to waste it.

  2. My great-niece was with us when I read your email. She looked at the pictures–especially the middle one–and studied with the concentration of a four year old. She’s a true critic: “Hmm… kind of creepy, but interesting.” Interesting is her current favorite word, but I agree. Very interesting, Andrew.

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