Sunshine after the rain

It was chilly in the breeze last night and rain was forecast. Heavy rain. Never one to be discouraged (?) I decided to put the moth trap in the man-cave (shed) and leave the door open. A passing moth might take refuge.

The forecast was right and so was I. A quintet of moths took advantage of the Lodge Hotel overnight accommodation, three species new for my garden list. The most attractive was this one. Can you guess what the vernacular name is?Maiden's Blush

This is Maiden’s Blush, Cyclophora punctaria. Just like it says on the tin, it blushes on its forewings.

By 8am the showers had trickled away to bother someone else and we were left with crystal clear light that bathed the garden with the sun peeking through.untitled-12Tough to see as they are quite distant but the Bluebells still look wonderful. All sorts of plants are popping up and I shall have to play photographic whack-a-mole to keep up with them. And of course Woody is still hard at it. Mrs. Woody was there yesterday but he still seems to be putting the finishing touches, perhaps to an en-suite. Again he stayed frozen for ten minutes bar the odd head movement, constantly reassuring himself the coast was clear. I photographed him from the bedroom window.Green WoodpeckerAnd so another day of building work looms. Thank heavens for Maiden’s Blush.

16 thoughts on “Sunshine after the rain

  1. SOOOO jealous of Mr Woodys en-suite. I want one!! Andrew’s acres are looking very bonny. It must be heaven to have so much green space around you. I hope that Mrs Ha and Lulu are enjoying it as well. May is a glorious month.

    • It is a glorious month, Lottie. Yesterday I saw my first Swifts and House Martins, as well as a few Swallows. Everything is coming up so fast.

  2. Now this is the kind of moth I appreciate…the little blusher!
    And overall, your sunshine after the rain is colorful, delightful and hopeful!
    (It’s raining like crazy here–we always need rain, so I’m not complaining–but everything is wet, heavy and dreary…and we’re waiting for spring sunshine.

  3. That is a pretty moth. Reminds me of dainty dress from days of long ago. Woody is handsome and I’m hoping that all goes well so that little woodies are raised to populate the area.

    The garden looks gorgeous. I agree with Steve’s assessment.

  4. Your Maiden’s Blush reminds me of our Large Maple Spanworm…only with a lovelier moniker.
    Your garden does look like a picture in a landscaping ad…quite neat and beautiful. And good for Woody’s industriousness. The missus should be quite pleased.

    • Yes the moths are similar but spanworm doesn’t have the same ring to it. The garden was evidently once well loved and tended but has been allowed to fall into neglect. I pruned a rather straggly Forsythia at the weekend but have another one (or three) to do. I have cut back hard all the Buddleia. Lots to do!

  5. The moth looks like a wrap around skirt. The Mr Woody is still working at his house, providing for his future family. You mark my word Andrew. You’ll hear the little ones soon enough. What a great view of the garden.

  6. I feel stupid asking this, but what is a moth trap? Can you do a post explaining more about it? Or maybe I missed the start of your moth-ing, in which case please send me to an earlier post so I can catch up.

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