A Popular Moth

What a start to the morning. Cuckoo calling, male and female Bullfinch in the garden and a very popular moth, the Poplar Hawkmoth no less, Lathoe populi.Poplar Hawkmoth

Poplar Hawkmoth2More later perhaps.


16 thoughts on “A Popular Moth

  1. A superb study of this most unusual Moth . Thank you for the advice on moth traps. I can hear Mrs P now, “Have you seen that large white bedsheet I put on top of the ironing?”

  2. Andrew, you are capturing some great looking species and I’m beginning to see your fascination with moths. Each species as a rule, has its own trademark ID. Some of them are actually pretty. 🙂

    • Oh yes Yvonne. Many are pretty. They fascinate me. Some are the equivalent of birding LBJs but once you start to see them, sometimes under a loupe, you realise how diverse and wide-ranging they are.

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