Back from the Outage

It has been a difficult day or two. We had no working internet and no landline. I had to use my mobile phone to create a hotspot. The signal is already so weak here it proved almost unworkable.

I have written a piece on the first month of moths at the Lodge and if you are interested I have put it up here.

The highlight yesterday was a visit from our friendly Roe Deer. He had his breakfast whilst we had ours. I took some photos from an upstairs bedroom window. This is my favourite.Stag stareAn evening stroll around the garden produced this common but attractive plant, which I now know is Bush Vetch.Vicia sepiumAnd if you are wondering how the azaleas are doing, well here is the answer. Going strong.Garden RedBack soon, all being well.

20 thoughts on “Back from the Outage

  1. So you had to suffer the slings and arrows of outageous fortune but that is a noble stag. Beautiful and I wish that I had one of those,

  2. Andrew, you have the most beautiful, amazing garden ever!! Are you dancing up and down with delight?! I would 😀 Gentle greetings to your lovely roe deer. Enjoy. Sharon

  3. Ugh. Outages of any of life’s utilities is a pain.
    The Azaleas look beautiful! Hopefully Mr. Roe Deer isn’t hungry for your landscape. ..

  4. Your vetch is much more lovely than the ones that tried to take over our gardens a few years back. And that roe deer, what a fine visitor and an equally nice image. Have you been able to use your “real” gear yet?
    The azaleas look wonderful, Andrew. Is that one of your stumpifications or was it already there?

  5. A great garden and it must be a delight to fetch a bucket of vetches or should that be a pail of vetches.?
    Here winter has started, even had a frost this morning. Still, the first of jonguils are all yellow.

  6. The Roe deer looks as if his winter coat is in the beginning stages of shedding. He’s a handsome guy looking so alert and wary.

    Your garden is beautiful and you are fortunate to already have many nice plants growing there. I see the stump of a recently cut tree near the azaleas.

  7. Pretty special having deer in your garden. It’s all looking glorious in your neck of the woods, and so much colour! Having no internet is a nightmare, I hope you manage to sort something out soon.

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