All the fun of the festival

Our trip out to the watercress festival produced a few decent shots. Nothing especially good but some souvenir pictures of Shirley’s first encounter with Morris dancing. Here is my selection. Starting with “Never Mess with Morris”.Morris ManIs it nearly over yet?Watching the festivitiesHappy FeetHappy FeetSqueezeMorris Dancers

Squeeze BoxIs it nearly over yet?BeagleApparently not!BirdbrainThe Male and the FlossCandyFlossGet a move on GrandadGrandadWell I think I know what Grandad needs….PimmsAnd that’s your lot. More watercress anyone?


14 thoughts on “All the fun of the festival

  1. Indeed, beware Morris Men. Our small family were assembled in the middle of the village outside the pub to watch them perform about thirty years ago. I happened to be wearing white trousers and shirt, which is apparently some kind of signal. I was incorporated into the dance, then one of them became a seat and I sat on it and was soundly kissed by twelve Morris Men, one after the other!

  2. Very enjoyable to see some “characters” in the band and outside of the band. The photo in B&W of the woman with the disgruntled expression is the winner here. Apparently she never saw you or the camera. And the Beagle’s expression is too cute. I think he was bored. 🙂

  3. I LOVE this assortment, Andrew. Each pictures could be an illustration for a group of very different short stories put together in one book. I think my favorite is of the painted-face little girl on Grandpa’s shoulders, and I’m still smiling at the “Candy Floss” booth. We call it Cotton Candy and serve a big puff on a paper cone.

    • Was it Beecham who said to a rather erratic lady cellist “madam, you have God’s greatest gift to man between your legs and all you can do is sit there and scratch it”?

  4. Before I had heard of Morris Dancing, I witnessed it in the center of our town during the late 60s when I was in a state of altered reality. WOW!!!!! 🙂
    I’ve always wondered about the good of advertising on one’s butt. Seems an appropriate place for a bank, considering that is where they often give it to you.

  5. I’d have loved to be there and observed the expression on Shirley’s face when she encountered this bit of cultcha!

    The Male and the Floss, indeed. George is spinning in her grave.

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