0-100 in 6 weeks?

An update on the moths of the Lodge for those who are interested.

Moths etc.

We are in the fourth week of May and we continue to be graced with good weather. The occasional rain shower is welcomed by the garden. Each day something new can be found and I have taken to strolling around with a thin stick that had fallen off a tree. I use it to gently brush the trees and bushes in the hope of disturbing a micro moth or two. It has borne some fruit and the challenge of identifying things, which may be as little as 5mm in length, helps me learn. Even the larger moths can present challenges as they do not always to conform to size and can turn up in a very worn state. I look through my loupe, desperately hoping to find some defining feature. My magnifier is only a plastic lens from my ‘Swiss Army’ knife. The others are in store. I am finding…

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4 thoughts on “0-100 in 6 weeks?

  1. Sounds as if you have a virtual Eden, Andrew. The birds are propagating and you’ve got many species of moths plus, frogs and rabbits. I think you put lots of thought into finding the right property that would provide you with a nice variety of wildlife. Does your lodge abut the wildlife sanctuary?

    • My aim is to preserve as much of the plot as a wildlife sanctuary as possible, Yvonne. I have an excellent book in storage on wildlife gardening (by Chris Baines). I will need it later in the year. There is so much I don’t know about the garden and I need to be patient.
      Sadly the house is proving to be a big challenge and we have been without landline and internet yet again today. I am not sure how much I can tolerate. Maybe things will pick up.

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