18 thoughts on “Garden detail

  1. I don’t know what it is either, the lighting and lack of detail such as the leaf make ID difficult but see if pink flowers come out of it. It reminds me a lot of Red Campion and just recently I have been struck by the beauty of the unopened and drooping flower heads.

    • Too big for Campion Colin but you have no scale in the photo. I’ll see what it is like when it opens out. We have red campion and willow herb. This is a large bush.

  2. Beautiful pic, Andrew and in my old eyes it does not look like a leaf but seems more like a bloom but hey, what do I know. It’s attractive at any rate with the very dark background giving it a dramatic flare.

  3. I know not. But the colors are lovely. I am impressed with the steadiness despite no tripod, Andrew. Were it me, there would be more of an unintended abstract look to the image.

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