The temperature rises

The weather is so critical to nature. Yesterday evening the forecast was for a warmer night and low wind speeds. That usually bodes well for a good moth night. So it proved. I went out at 4.45 (after a lie in) and opened the trap. A few escaped but most were potted for identification. Many moths are easy to identify, a lot are tricky. The patterns are complex, cryptic, or perhaps the moth is nondescript. Many look superficially similar except to another of the species I presume. I struggled with a few but managed all in the end with some help from the amazingly helpful experts who hang out in the FB moth groups. At the end of the process I had added 10 new species to the garden list.

Big moth of the day was this superb Lime Hawkmoth, Mimas tiliae.Mimas tiliae2Small moth of the day? Well it was a tie between Eudonia angustea Eudonia angusteaand Pammene germanna, which sounds like a cross between something out of Die Zauberflöte and Carmina Burana.Pammene germannaBoth have ‘confusion species’, especially the Eudonia, a Crambid with about a dozen look-a-alikes. Tough work at an identity parade with these chaps. How about a cryptic to finish off? See if you can guess its common name. No prizes.Hada plebja

I have just switched on the trap for tonight but the wind is getting up and it is already cooler than last night so I have no great expectations. We shall see.


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