Cold nights and flying moths

Almost 2 months and time for an update.

Moths etc.

The garden moth count has risen surprisingly well in the last month. I am 5 days short of 2 calendar months of trapping. Conditions have been far from ideal. Warm days have been paired with chilly nights, still struggling to reach double digits in degrees Celsius. Just once did the temperature rise to ~15c and the result was 10 new species for the garden in one night. Most of my trapping this month has been using the 125w MV lamp Robinson trap. This may have pulled in a few extra species.

As I start this update the garden list is 149 and of those 40 are micros. Most of the time the ratio runs at 4:1. I suspect this will change over time. Several micros have come from beating the branches of the garden trees and shrubs and a couple are leaf mine IDs. One species has been identified twice as a…

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2 thoughts on “Cold nights and flying moths

  1. Andrew you are rich in moths with so many species. And my goodness all those host plants which grow so well in the shade and where the summers are not blistering and dry,. I would love to grow hosta but the climate is not conducive for maintaining a healthy plant.

  2. I am glad to hear that excitement in your voice and that you are still I g in to your new surroundings
    Great work that nature is providing you with joy
    As always Sheldon

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