Walk on by

I had fun yesterday afternoon. And there hasn’t been too much of that here. Issues to deal with getting in the way. So I walked out with the worst camera ever made and my iPhone 6+ as an alternative. I took a few shots with TWCEM and hastily switched to the phone camera. I set it to shoot in high contrast B&W and even experimented with the HDR function. Off I went. Very few controls. Observe, frame, shoot.

I was walking for 2 hours in the heat of the early afternoon and was happy with my snaps. Nothing exceptional, nothing deep and meaningful just enjoying the ease of simplified photography. See what you think.     

And for a splash of colour….  


21 thoughts on “Walk on by

  1. All the shots are great but I like number 3 for the various patterns and the way the trees are planted. The last pic made me laugh. I’d would never have thought of putting an umbrella on the head.

  2. I really like these, Andrew. As you know, I”m a huge fan of iphoneography – I know its not the real deal but I do think it’s possible to take some fabulous pictures with the iphone as you’ve so brilliantly illustrated. My iphone was pinched a couple of years ago and I miss it only for the fun that I used to have taking pictures with it.

  3. Fun shots! I do like seeing seasoned, normal camera buffs whip out their camerones and fire off some shots. You always have great composition in your shots (hope that’s the right term).
    I’ve got a few moths coming up in a post for you. ..

  4. There is something to be said for simplicity of function and, as you have demonstrated here, composition. I like both the trash collector(?) and street crosser. And of course I like the shot of Shirley and Zoe.
    I am in the process of replacing my iPhone 4 and debating whether to go for the 6 or save some money and get a lesser expensive 5.

    • If you don’t use the camera I’m not sure the extra dollars are worth it. But the 6+ has a better camera and it is very useable. You would notice a huge step up from the 4. I am using my old 4S in HK. Shirley has the 5 but wants to upgrade.

      • I do use the camera occasionally personally and more often for work. My favorite subject is no longer with us unfortunately so probably the 5 will do.

  5. Ha ha – I like the design of this head or ‘Glastonbury’ umbrella – tied on under the chin. Mine clips on my head like a form of torture!

  6. Hey, these are a nice slice of your time in the hot place. I like the last one with the fellow swinging his legs like a child. His ‘umbrella’ would be very handy in the narrow streets of Venice!

  7. Third one from top is my choice. I can’t explain why. Perhaps the sense of isolation contrasting with the rubbish collected that must have come from people somewhere. I suppose it is atmospheric.

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