Walk on by

I had fun yesterday afternoon. And there hasn’t been too much of that here. Issues to deal with getting in the way. So I walked out with the worst camera ever made and my iPhone 6+ as an alternative. I took a few shots with TWCEM and hastily switched to the phone camera. I set it to shoot in high contrast B&W and even experimented with the HDR function. Off I went. Very few controls. Observe, frame, shoot.

I was walking for 2 hours in the heat of the early afternoon and was happy with my snaps. Nothing exceptional, nothing deep and meaningful just enjoying the ease of simplified photography. See what you think.     

And for a splash of colour….  


Letter from Hong Kong

Well we missed the fledging. We had a frantic morning trying to get everything done before we left. Lulu is at Aunt Nell’s Best Exotic Marigold Dogotel in Hampshire’s answer to Jaipur, King’s Worthy. The national car park or M25 was gridlocked feeding back onto the M3. Sadly we had enough time for some duty free shopping. 

The BA flight was awful. We splashed out on business class seats. What a rip off. So narrow, no space to put anything and very uncomfortable. Food was very mediocre. We were very glad to get off. 

So now we are in our apartment in HK. A week or so of escape from the builders. But we will be back, hoping the woodies will have a second brood.