17 thoughts on “Young Love

  1. Before technology, they would have been snuggled together and maybe talking to each other instead of the “third person” technology. But it’s still a good picture of contemporary courtship.

  2. I’m sorry John… Your iPhone is just not compatible with my Samsung S6. It was nice while it lasted…

  3. So goes the ways of the world. Young people can’t put their phone down. It’s the new addiction and I supposed better than drugs.

    I can see it all now as they head down the aisle, each with a phone and texting as they go. Maybe they’ll even text “I do” on their phone.

  4. I am guessing she doesn’t really need to convince him to love her phone. I am sure 40 years hence they will chuckle about the old intimacy they had while texting but who knows what will have evolved to make texting something reminiscent.
    Now that was odd…I just had to add “texting” to my spell check dictionary.

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