The Tale of Benjjamin Bunny

That’s Benjjamin with two ‘J’s. No plagiarism here.

It has been over a week since I could bring myself to blog. My stress levels have gone through the roof with the house from hell and it ended with a migraine. I am just about out of the woods now. I need to do a ‘moth’ post to celebrate my 100th species of micro but today its all about rabbits. Eight of them in fact.

Last week we cleared a substantial area of the garden. The docks were strimmed down and we started thinning out the hazel trees. It looks completely different. The aim is to get light through the canopy to see if we can encourage more wild flowers to grow. One side-benefit is that we can see who is roaming the grounds. It was clear that we had two large rabbits as regulars. This morning I was looking out of my study window. I spotted a much smaller rabbit near the semi-derelict shed we inherited. Then another and suddenly we had six small rabbits along the edge of the shed. I took a few photos of ones and twos.untitled-16


untitled-22They happily nibbled away at the grass and weeds, which we are content to share. Slightly nervy but quick to return when no predator appeared. I hope all six survive. They can live under the shed as long as they wish. Indeed if the house does not come along much faster we may join them.

As Beatrix Potter had first pick of rabbit names I need suggestions for the six youngsters and indeed mum and dad if the mood takes you. I draw the line at Rag, Tag and Bobtail and Flopsy and Mopsy are right out. We need good Hampshire names like Basil Fotherington-Rabbit or Titus Cholmondeley-Rabbit.

We are in two minds whether to introduce Lulu to the new tenants. She was groomed today and very fine she looks too. She and the new groomer didn’t see eye to eye on all aspects of the grooming so a muzzle was needed. The groomer wasn’t happy but she got used to it. I think we will wait a while before allowing Lulu to meet the rabbits. Who knows what the outcome might be. Eight rabbits versus one Pomeranian. A tight call I guess.

That’s all folks

28 thoughts on “The Tale of Benjjamin Bunny

  1. Young rabbits are impossibly cute. I had a batch last summer in my blue and white garden and was concerned but they did no harm. Just as well because I certainly could not have turned them out. I saw Lulu on Facebook~she does look lovely. Too bad about the groomer but I expect she’ll come around to Lulu’s point of view. It does sound like an even match between her and the bunnies. I’m no good whatsoever at names so I’ll stay out of it.

  2. Why that’s just wrong…sticking him with the two ‘J’s’ like that. You’re just dooming him to a life of misspelling!!

    Very cute pics! Glad you are feeling better. Welcome back.

  3. The fairies in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” could provide a good source of bunny rabbit names, e.g. Peasblossom, Cobweb, MOTH, and Mustardseed.
    Hope you jjust jjump to new health heights quickly.

    • Thanks Bruce. As a schoolboy I was part of a production of A midsummer night’s dream. What a clever thought. Mustardseed is especially fine.

  4. As we are in Wimbledon week and we are all forced into cars because of the various train strikes what about:

    Bunny Austin
    Bunny Ford
    Bunny Vauxhall
    Bunny Lexus
    Bunny Honda
    Bunny Renault
    And I suppose the parents could be Rabbit Rolls and Rabbit Bentley
    There you have it…………. more Rabbit than Sainsburys.

  5. my brain is frazzled from the heat. I can’t think of one bunny name, let alone eight. Miss Lulu sounds like she was in a feisty mood today. I hate to think what Colin would do to a groomer – probably rearrange their face or do a gigantic Yule log on the grooming table. Ugh, perish the thought.
    Sorry to hear that the builders are still giving you grief. I’d so hoped that when you got back from HK all would shipshape and Bristol fashion.

    • I was thinking of Jugged Rabbit but somehow it doesn’t sound quite right. I think Lulucan generate her own Yule logs, Lottie 😰

  6. I’m so sorry about the migraine and the house miseries – these seem to be obligatory if you have a Grand Design. I can lend you the names of our childhood cat and her kittens. She was called Zenocrate and her kittens were Annabel, Mirabelle, Front door bell, Back door bell and Bicycle bell (we kept Bike).

  7. Our Milo and rabbits don’t go together. He would clear out the warren in no time. Renovating a house is the stuff of headaches and shouting a lot. Take it easy Andrew! I am pleased to report that my eyes just need new glasses but no cataracts.
    As for bunny names. How could you tell them apart?

  8. Andrew, you are lucky to have the precious and photogenic rabbits and unlucky with the “house from hell.” But isn’t that what an old stately home is all about? You buy the house because you love the ambiance and the location and then you pay through the nose to make it fit your needs and ideas of what a grand house should look like. The reality is, that often renovation is as costly as building or buying a new one.

    As far as rabbit names are concerned I’m afraid my Texas slang and common names would not fit your English rabbits.

  9. After working for a landscape contractor and watching what folks go through… I’m very shy to do any type of construction. I do truly hope you pull through this with only the last migraine being your last bad memory.
    Raaaabits. I think they are the cutest, however they are the only animal I’ve not gotten a ‘yard treaty’ signed by. They have eaten my garden and my flowers. There is a hutch in my abandoned veggie garden and my dogs haven’t even figured out they’re squatting. They are big enough to get the eviction notice this weekend.
    Yvonne sure found a great site with the bunny names!! I have no clue about British names.. How about the Brady Bunch Kids? Greg, Marsha, Peter, Jan, Bobby and Cindy…
    I did find some moths for you. I will post them Saturday =-)

  10. Name them after the planets seeing as they’re oscillating your garden.
    I’d much rather have rabbits than the pesky squirrels we get here. Sorry to learn of your on going house problems – but I bet it would make for hilarious blogging once you’re over the worst.

  11. All the good names seem taken, Andrew, so I’ll call these wonderful little ones a collective “Fuzzy Bunnies.” When I was very young, we found an abandoned group of five very young bunnies under the grape arbor in the back yard. VERY young, about the size of eyes-closed baby mice. Our neighbor was a vet assistant and gave suggestions. We made a warm “nest” of torn newspapers in a box covered with soft fabric, and we feed the babies with eye droppers. Three lived, and when they were big we worried like new parents after returning them to the wild.
    I hope you’re feeling much better. Home construction and remodeling is the worst form of changing plans and costs, plus nightmares.

  12. We, too, are more than happy to share our yard with bunnies. For the most part they get in to no mischief (mischief being quite a human consideration and not at all for the bunnies) and have so far caused no crop damage in the gardens. That is one of the advantages to a lawn with many different plants and not just straight boring grass blades. We have plenty of plaintain which they seem to love.
    I even get to make a few images now and then. I hope yours survives to be big bunnies.

    • I have not seen the full quota today but of course one young bunny looks much like another. I’m sure they are fine Steve.

  13. I’ve just passed a dozen rabbits sunbathing in the field beside the train tracks in Kent – they’re adorable aren’t they!! Hope your little group bring lots of bouncy fun!! :o)

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