The Visitor

We were in HK when the woodies fledged but look who was in the garden this morning – Woody Jnr.

GWjuvThe second photo is very poor quality but interesting nonetheless. The young woodpecker seemed to want to return to the nest hole. It made several attempts and each time mum drove it away.untitled-10The rabbits are out again this morning but the woodies stole the show.


15 thoughts on “The Visitor

  1. I think you might have to install an entrance gate with a coin operated locking mechanism Andrew.
    There are free-loaders about who think nothing of exploitingthe situation. Be firm and hold your ground. It is your garden.

  2. Little woody sure is a looker and his mom is merely trying to make him independent. Also with all the interest in the nesting site it could be that the place is no longer safe for the little one. Wonder if this one was the only fledgling?

  3. Those Mums, pushing away the kids to make them independent! And all he wanted was free food and probably money and a place to stay until he “finds” himself. 😉
    The pictures are wonderful, Andrew, and the first one is spectacular.

  4. How nice that the woodies continue to grace your yard. I had the same problem as a youngster. After college I wanted to return to the nest but mom didn’t think it was a good idea. 🙂

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