More tales from the Trap.

Moths etc.

My patchwork lawn has drunk deeply today as the drizzle kissed it all day long. We have been back from Hong Kong less than two weeks yet the moth list has lengthened to almost 300 species. It is, I confess, easy when the patch is new and we are in the first season of recording. Each day brings something. I walk the pitch length from terrace to trap just as the garden lifts its morning veil. And usually my final act is to retrace my steps after preparing the trap. In between the stresses and challenges of the house renovation conspire to bring the spectre of the grim reaper nearer. But in those quiet book-end moments of solitude I find peace.

Two nights ago we were driving home and as we turned the final corner a deer sprang out from a neighbour’s driveway. He veered left along the pavement and…

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  1. Goodness Andrew, Back in top form so soon after HK. A great read apart from the photos. What an amazing world you reside in. Thank you for sharing that world with us so generously.

  2. Wonderful post, Andrew. The deer led the way, turning and staying with you, and the photos of the moths brought up the grand finale. In between, the photo of the bunnies stole the show.

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