New on the Shelf

As the rain pours down again (praise be!) I am enjoying a little reading time.

Here are four books I have bought recently to read or as reference texts. Recommended to all UK readers.

Richard Lewington is, along with his brother Ian, one of the most talented illustrators I have come across. His Guide to Garden Wildlife is simply a superb foundation fieldguide for the interested gardener naturalist.

Sarah Raven’s Wild Flowers was on Amazon for a little over £6 and an amazing bargain against the RRP of £30. I had heard of SR as a TV presenter but she is a serious botanist and this book is a must buy for the aspiring wild flower hunter.

I have bought lots of gardening books but few since I went to Asia. The best I have bought on my return is Monty Don’s The Complete Gardener. I am actually reading this. He has a great attitude towards gardening and it is a low pressure approach, working with what the soil gives you.

Finally, a political message from Tony Juniper: What Nature Does for Britain. Whether you agree with his economic analysis or not it is worth reading to understand what the government ignores in its short term ‘must preserve the votes’ approach. Change isn’t easy but at least some of TJ’s idea must be worth pursuing.

I hope you find something to enjoy.

16 thoughts on “New on the Shelf

  1. Even for a non-UK reader, I get a kick out of new books and titles. I clicked on SARAH RAVEN’S WILDFLOWERS and WHAT NATURE DOES FOR BRITAIN, and if I’d only had a good cup of tea I would have been settled!

    • Marylin, the thing I am looking forward to most when we unpack our container next month is my reading rocking chair. OK, maybe my photography gear but the book refuge is a close second. Tea is optional.

  2. Nice additions…I guess, not being familiar with British gardeners. Are these among the few books on your shelves or have you been unpacking crates yet?

  3. What could be better than a rainy day and a new stack of garden books? I’ve looked at the one by Monty Don~it looks like an especially good one. Thank you for the suggestions!

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