What I have missed most………..

After the last post I was thinking what it is that I have missed most since our belongings went into storage early in January. We hope to unpack next month now we are slowly creating enough renovated space to accommodate the contents of 347 packing cases.

My photography gear and favourite binoculars are top of the list. A decent body + macro lens, a tripod and some filters. Wonderful.

Books – mainly reference texts. A huge frustration not having them to hand. We have 6 bookcases to be unpacked and we are having an oak bookcase made for the drawing room. I can’t wait.

My reading chair. Dual purpose. Also suitable for snoozing. A leather rocking chair that also serves me for watching rugby on the TV.

A decent coffee maker. We are having a bean to cup machine built into the the new kitchen and I am eyeing a standalone coffee machine by Heston Blumenthal. An unnecessary indulgence of course.

One or two of my favourite paintings. It is fun deciding where to hang them next.

What have I not missed?

The television. We have ordered one for watching sport and maybe the news and some wildlife programmes but essentially this is an expensive ‘can do without’.

Suits. I have a wardrobe full of them. Over a dozen bespoke work suits. I left 3 in the apartment in HK. Here, I have lived out of a suitcase for 7 months, supplemented by the occasional emergency purchase. Giving up a collar and tie on retirement was a huge pleasure.

It is amazing how much I have accumulated over the years. We threw out a lot before we moved and I suspect I will open many boxes and wonder why I shipped the stuff 6,000 miles across the world.

So what could you not be without?

23 thoughts on “What I have missed most………..

  1. Other than family and friends, I have missed my music volumes. I wouldn’t like to manage without my iPhone and iPad and I had to buy a pair of sunglasses because I forgot to pack a pair. I also miss my clothes I’m so bored of tank tops, I didn’t bring enough sparkles with me going for sensible when my suitcase was overweight (big. Big mistake 😆).

  2. I always most miss the things I don’t have, Andrew. When we rented a small storage unit while we were moving, of course it was then that I missed the things we’d put in boxes to store because we hadn’t thought we’d need them.

  3. Ok Andrew, this is most interesting. I have not moved since 1963 and I won’t move until I either need to go to a nursing home or my body is carted off to the crematory. But… theoretically my must haves are: cell phone, my one camera that works, computer, thesaurus, radio for music, bird ID books, cat and dog breed ID books, other pet books, Ecko sandals, one pair of low heel dress boots, several pair of jeans, my old favorite dishes and cooking utensils including cast iron skillets.

    But how would I move a passel of pets? That’s why I will never move plus a few other reasons. I’m in the city yet it’s sort of like the country and I’m just a few minutes from the grocery, pharmacy, hospital, veterinarian and, Pets Mart. I love where I live for I have the best of two worlds or almost. 🙂

    • A great selection Yvonne. We are in a similar situation. 3 or 4 miles from Winchester yet very rural. We are 5 minutes from a Waitrose supermarket, 10 minutes from a hospital and less from a vet. It is like having the best of both worlds. The only problem with the rural bit is the poor phone signal and broadband. 1963 -2015 is a long time in one home and you must love it very much.

      • Andrew, I do love this property even though my house is run down and needs lots of inside work. I spend most of the retirement check on the animals but they make me happy.

        It’s too bad that you don’t have decent phone and broadband. That would be bad for me since I’m dependent on my cell and land line and use the computer to stay in touch with the world. 🙂

      • I think you have good priorities Yvonne. The broadband is a frustration but provided it works I can cope with it slowing down.

  4. Hmm, a useful, if involuntary, exercise. Too many books – but no way of deciding which ones I will never need again. Not having moved for an awful lot of years, the accumulation is terrifying and I do wonder about poor children, if we fail to downsize before popping off.

    • I gave away 6 boxes of books back in 2009 and that hurt. SInce then I have clung tenaciously to the thousands that have accumulated over almost 60 years – I still have Biggles on the shelf although The Famous Five have gone missing. I do occasionally read some of my old favourites and it always makes me smile even if the style and tone are anachronistic. I have told Shirley to get someone in to value some of my collectable volumes – some of the New Naturalist series fetch silly prices because of short print runs and I have a fair number of first editions. The rest can go wherever she chooses. I always plan to do an inventory but I will probably expire before I get half way through.

  5. Kettle and teapot and favourite teacup. Absolutely essential. For a peaceful household our Nespresso machine. Clearly the best coffee!
    I’m surprised no one has mentioned music and something decent on which to listen to it. Kitchen utensils and knives would be important. Oh yes, an iron and ironing board. I hate my clothes to be as wrinkly as my bday suit

    • Music? Yes you are right, Rod. But we can make our own. I think coffee comes close to the top of most lists along with books. I think I shall pass on the iron.

  6. We have moved a lot since I’ve been married and it’s always an interesting experiment to see how well you can fare without some things. Sadly, I’d have to say, I’d go batty without a computer. Also some books, some pieces of makeup and clothing….oh yeah, and the kids. I hate it when I forget to unpack them.

    • Well you could always move when they are at school and see if they can find you. Better than putting them in a suitcase. Sadly I have to agree with the computer or at least my iPhone 6+

  7. One of my many jobs that I had was to liquidate estates
    I will always remember this one person I did a job for
    I actually watch her take and pack those tiny little ring boxes
    emptied mine you , and put them into packing boxes
    She had so many boxes . That when I left her in this tiny apartment she was sitting in a chair and I had to take the bed and throw it out.
    I will never forget that one
    As always Sheldon

  8. Yeah, definitely I would miss a good coffee maker. I don’t drink that much, but when I do get the urge, there’s nothing better. Also now that I have bought a couple of original artworks (very cheap, but lovely) I realise they do make a house more homely.

  9. I could not be without coffee and a decent cafetière; I could not be without a broadband connection – it’s my window on the world now. I could easily do without a TV- especially as everything I’d want to watch is available on iplayer. I could not do without my summer duvet (thin) and a pair of decent pillows. I don’t keep books these days unless they are the hard backed kind but even here I have to be ruthless otherwise I’d be overrun with no time to look at them. Having said all of that, I absolutely couldn’t do without my old Oxford Dictionary – much to the disbelief of my students I probably use it every day.

  10. I’m with you on the books, Andrew. I sigh with pleasure at the thought of built in bookshelves. And windchimes. I have a deep set that make heavenly music that accompanies the birdsong, which I can also not do without. And the dual-purpose chair~ a must. My favorite one died, and I am currently residing in a newer model that isn’t quite… I mean, naps would not be possible. Its pretty, so perhaps in another room for guests to sit in when I find a better one.

  11. Oh Andrew! SO many boxes! I don’t envy you but I’m sure you are looking forward to feathering yours and Mrs Ha’s nest and finally making it feel like home. It sounds very lovely, I especially like the sound of all your bookcases in oak.

    I always miss my books and silly things like old chipped jugs and pieces of china and pottery that I’ve lugged round with me since the age of 20. My pots and pans and wooden spoons are also something that I feel bereft without during a move. Some of my kitchen utensils are ancient, passed down from grand-mother to mother and now daughter. Their patina a tribute to the 1000’s of meals that have been lovingly cooked with them over the decades. And my art stuff. Old, chipped enamel mugs stuffed with pencils, pens, dented old watercolour boxes, squished tubes of oil paints and lots of sketch books filled with old drawings; mementos now of the past, quick sketches done of the children, random things that I couldn’t resist putting down on paper. These are the things that I miss most when they are buried deep inside a packing case.

  12. As with you, I could do without the television. We do enjoy certain indulgences but none are necessities and most programming is worthless including the “news”. And as with you also, I would be at wits end without my camera kit and books. If I were in your position I would be without fingernails…possibly toenails as well…and wearing a lovely white coat with the arms wrapped securely about meself.

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