Local residents

Just to confirm I am still around. I found an hour this morning to take the lens out. These shots were stretching the light and the focal length so a hide needs to be ordered. But hey, its better than not  taking photos!Grey Squirrel2

GreySquirrel Inspector Nuthatch of The Yard.untitled-17 Britain’s favourite bird. Highly twitchable in Beijing.RobinI hope they return in better light.

Rain, rain, go away

As it has rained relentlessly of late I have had little chance to try out my camera gear. Dry out would be better. But here is one from 2 days ago. Who knows or can guess what this is?untitled-10

I appreciated very much your comments on my last post. The removal saga has been worse than I could ever have imagined. Slowly we are putting things back together – sometimes literally. I missed the Birdfair, which I had been looking forward to for months. Next year. I did dash out between downpours and stake out a possible place for the rose bed. Digging it is a different matter. That means hard physical labour. I may delegate that to Mrs. Ha. She almost collected on the (non-existent) life insurance today after leaving a floor wet from mopping. I walked into the room and went base over apex, crashing my back and elbows onto hard tiles. I lost that battle.

I am happily watching the global stock markets crash. With money sitting on the sidelines I may go bargain basement shopping soon. Waiting for the dust to settle first. It may take a while. Be greedy when others are fearful says Mr. B.

Anyway I hope someone recognizes what the subject of the photo is. Good luck.

Trauma management

This week has been hell. Just about everything has gone wrong. I could weep.

But the cameras are back and working. So I took a bee and a dragonfly visiting the tarted up pond. Nothing special but a minor relief from the horrors of dealing with Crown Worldwide and their various subcontrators. Never, ever again.

Greedy Bee