There’s newt much to complain about

The pond project started today and Sue and Simon have worked wonders. Stage two tomorrow. What amazed me was how bold they were in transforming the whole area. I would never have dared be so courageous. Here is day one in pictures. Sadly getting the order right proved beyond me so be tolerant!

Removing the Red Oak leaves from the pond after draining                       untitled-6-2 You simply have to get in thereuntitled-4-2 OMG its my newt!untitled-3-2 And another one. These proved to be the only living creatures found in the morning shift. A frog put in a late call for fame after lunchuntitled-2-2 The irises are put onto a sheet to be replanted lateruntitled-1-2 A slightly hazy view from on high, the haze being caused by steady rain.untitled-16-2 The pond is empty! Long live the pond. Only one tear found in the butyl liner. Right above the water line. A repair will be attempted tomorrowuntitled-11-2 So tell me o great electrician, is that cable live?untitled-49-2 Meanwhile the duckweed is being hosed off and pumped out. We are using the Duckweed-Lewis method.untitled-47-2 Let me test the power sockets for you. BANG! Yes its live. Its a good job Sue is standing on the liner.untitled-45-2 A Hosta release operation. Pot bound for years, the Hosta crisis is over. John Innes no.3 to the rescue. And a large helping of mulch please. Mulch ado about nothing?untitled-56-2 A lot of the surrounding plants have been cut back but it still looks great.untitled-55-2Yellow Flags waiting patiently for a return to the ponduntitled-59-2 A longer stone path is discovereduntitled-58-2 Starting to refill. Its an expensive day for water usage but a one-off.untitled-57-2 And this is how it looks so far. Isn’t it grand?untitled-65-2 

Sue and Simon were brilliant. They started in heavy rain and finished in a light, cooling breeze. Who had more fun? Well I think the vote probably goes to the newts. You could see the excitement as their home gets a makeover. I can’t wait for tomorrow.


28 thoughts on “There’s newt much to complain about

  1. Yessiree…that is a great looking pond right now. Looking forward to tomorrows efforts and the obviously beautiful goal. You must be excited…along with Sir Isaac and Figgie.

  2. I lavori sono iniziati alla grande, direi che già si vedono buoni risultati e sono sempre più sicura che alla fine avrai un giardino spettacolare!!
    Saluti, Pat

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