Trauma management

This week has been hell. Just about everything has gone wrong. I could weep.

But the cameras are back and working. So I took a bee and a dragonfly visiting the tarted up pond. Nothing special but a minor relief from the horrors of dealing with Crown Worldwide and their various subcontrators. Never, ever again.

Greedy Bee



18 thoughts on “Trauma management

  1. The establishment is never easy to deal with especially if they already have your money
    I had to deal with a problem the other day and they said
    Sorry Mr Kleeman but we have what we want and your fuvked now that wasn’t said that way but in the end that’s what it felt like,this was my second time with this
    I’m not done yet I’m waiting for round 3
    Beautiful shots
    As always Sheldon

  2. Sounds like it’s not a good time to be around the Hardacre abode right now. Great pics, spend the day with your cameras and enjoy the sunshine tomorrow.

  3. We must both be caught under the same crooked moon, Andrew. This week–all five weekdays– have broken records for awfulness. But we’ve both survived, and now I take heart at your bee and flower, oblivious to all the problems. Have a good weekend!

  4. Aaaah sweet relief- the cameras are back where they belong. This will give you an outlet to let go or not think of all the frustrations of the moving people. I hope the unpacking and all the hoopla connected to your move will be over soon.

    Great shots of the insects that came to the renovated pond.

  5. Ugh. I feel your pain.
    I pissed off a gas company rep enough to turn my gas off! A new billing format forced me to call and ask why $5 worth of gas allowed an included $24 fee. Turns out I didn’t use enough gas that month! She reported a gas leak after our conversation. Anywho, had to take time out of life to file a complaint for ‘spiteful behavior’ from the rep. Monopolies sux. I have no choice but to use their service.

    • I don’t know how some of these firms stay in business. Monopolies should be broken up wherever possible. Whoever heard of not using enough?!

  6. These things are sent to test us 😦 I hope next week is MUCH better and that the Crown thingy nightmare ends. Hooray for having your cameras back; at least they are home safe and sound.

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