Rain, rain, go away

As it has rained relentlessly of late I have had little chance to try out my camera gear. Dry out would be better. But here is one from 2 days ago. Who knows or can guess what this is?untitled-10

I appreciated very much your comments on my last post. The removal saga has been worse than I could ever have imagined. Slowly we are putting things back together – sometimes literally. I missed the Birdfair, which I had been looking forward to for months. Next year. I did dash out between downpours and stake out a possible place for the rose bed. Digging it is a different matter. That means hard physical labour. I may delegate that to Mrs. Ha. She almost collected on the (non-existent) life insurance today after leaving a floor wet from mopping. I walked into the room and went base over apex, crashing my back and elbows onto hard tiles. I lost that battle.

I am happily watching the global stock markets crash. With money sitting on the sidelines I may go bargain basement shopping soon. Waiting for the dust to settle first. It may take a while. Be greedy when others are fearful says Mr. B.

Anyway I hope someone recognizes what the subject of the photo is. Good luck.

27 thoughts on “Rain, rain, go away

  1. I thought nymph skin, too… amazing find. Did you come across it at your pond? Do hope the infection clears up and Mr. Sun comes out to warm you. I, too, have been sitting like a vulture watching the market “correct” itself, with plans to buy, buy buy! 🙂

  2. 10 years from now, you’ll look back and give a hollow laugh about the angst surrounding this move. Is your chest infection gone now?

    I can never remember. Is it “Buy high and sell low”? Is that why I never get rich?

    I’m in the throes of moving, but it’s nowhere near as huge a project as you and Mrs Ha faced.

    • Chest infection still hanging on Yvonne. I expect to be dust or ashes in 10 years but I may still be laughing. The idea is buy low sell high but it rarely works that way.

  3. Rats, I had Mayfly skin – I did, I did… late again Sprange I see.

    Slippery floors big problem. There was a sign in our supermarket ‘Wet Floor’ – but I declined. Hope you are not too banged up.

  4. Speaking as a wife who has unintentionally left a wet floor, I want to speak on Mrs. Ha’s behalf, and I am certain she and I are both very glad you’re coming through this. 🙂
    I’m glad you’re planning now to attend next year’s Birdfair. Forward thinking and all that; onward and smiling.
    Really, though, I’m very glad you’re healing.

  5. I had thought Mayfly, but a larval case never occurred. Sorry to hear about the fall, Andrew. I am sure that Mrs. Ha was very chagrined. Painfully so, I would imagine.
    I would gladly accept some of your relentless rain to take the place of our relentless promises of rain that do not come true.

    • I don’t mind the rain Steve to be honest. The climate here suits me well enough. No suffocating heat and humidity. Rain is good for the garden and I’m sure Mr. Sun will pop his head up soon.

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