Local residents

Just to confirm I am still around. I found an hour this morning to take the lens out. These shots were stretching the light and the focal length so a hide needs to be ordered. But hey, its better than not  taking photos!Grey Squirrel2

GreySquirrel Inspector Nuthatch of The Yard.untitled-17 Britain’s favourite bird. Highly twitchable in Beijing.RobinI hope they return in better light.


27 thoughts on “Local residents

  1. Now that the dear deer have departed the nutty squirrels and the Nuthatch have moved in. “Nut Haven?”

    I think the shots are just about perfect I know you strive for a higher degree but these are candy for my eyes.

  2. You take better shots in questionable conditions than most people take in ideal ones. I’d be hard-pressed to say whether I loved the first squirrel photo best or the last one of the cheep-er 🙂

  3. Hi there Andrew! How have you been? Sorry that I’m not following anyone on blogs and other places for a while now. Hope to be back on track.

    That’s a bunch of wonderful shots – makes me want to do it too – that’s what your shots do 🙂

    • Welcome back Ram. Get out there and shoot. I have not had time much recently either as the move has caused huge disruption. I look forward to seeing your pics again.

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