Two birds, no stone

I was out early again today and although the Wood Pigeon is not my favourite bird this one was sitting in very pleasing soft, warm morning light. Well it would be rude not to.Wood Pigeon

Bird number two was a Robin, possibly the one I photographed the other day doing a Caruso impression. I found Enrico, if it were indeed he, in a bit of a flap. I started digging the rose bed this morning and was in and out of the shed. Enrico must have snuck in whilst I was digging and when I went for lunch he found himself trapped inside. He did not seem to learn quickly as he kept hurling himself at the glass window only to find it solid. In contrast to the rest of the shed, which is held together by Ivy. Strong girl, Ivy. If Enrico had leaned on the door it may well have opened.

To cut a short story long I circled round the back of Enrico and guided him gently to the exit. He was very grateful. Indeed I think he gave me a little Donizetti as he flew out. Just to say thank you.

And there you have it. Two birds with very different days behind them. The Sun King and The Prince of Potting Sheds.


17 thoughts on “Two birds, no stone

  1. How come this bird looks so immensely wise. I wish he would part with and share some of his insights. There is so much there! Thanks, Andrew. A great morning already and my second coffee yet to be made.

  2. The puffed pigeon looks especially nice in the morning light! I’ve had to gently guide a couple of hummingbirds from our garage. They must be attracted to my husband’s red tool boxes!

  3. ‘Beaten to it by a slug’- says it all really and definitely in keeping with your heading: All Downhill From Here.
    All our figs disappeared: Mr Tufty!

  4. Hmm, the pigeons in our garden as so fat they can barely make it into the air. They also make a tremendous racket flapping (I presume attempting to mate) in the trees all year. So he/she look sheepish rather than wise to me.

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