Brain teaser

I found this fungus growing on rotten wood at the edge of our garden. A quick search suggested it might be Tremella mesenterica, Yellow Brain Fungus. I am slightly confused as this seems to cover a number of similar fungi. So that’s the teaser, is it or isn’t it?Tremella mesenterica

Whether it is or is not doesn’t really matter photographically but I’d like to satisfy my curiosity.

STOP PRESS: it isn’t Tremella mesenterica but the even more delightful Fuligo septica otherwise known as, and I kid you not, Dog’s Vomit Slime Mold. So it isn’t even a fungus but a Mycetozoa.


24 thoughts on “Brain teaser

  1. Dog’s vomit slime mold? Put those four words in any order and you get something gross. I’m glad you found the thing, if only for our entertainment.

  2. I see that you beat me to the ID, Andrew. Hopefully Lulu is not the source of that stuff. Did you know that slime molds are capable of moving from one spot to another once they have exhausted a food supply? Be afraid…be very afraid.

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