Is this a dagger I see before me?

Well yes, after a fashion. The larva of Acronicta psi, the Grey Dagger moth. Found in our garden today. and a very welcome visitor it is too. On Hazel.Acronicta psi


10 thoughts on “Is this a dagger I see before me?

    • Yes I agree Melissa. Opening the canopies to light is changing the garden. I assume this cat is about to pupate. We are doing some more clearance work on Monday following the removal of 3 branches from the Red Oak on Tuesday. That allowed light to reach the pond and removed the boughs that would drop the greatest number of leaves onto the pond. Its just a case of ‘test and learn’.

  1. I think the hairy cats are my favorites, although there are a few plump fleshy ones I am rather fond of as well. This is quite a looker, Andrew. Will this one over-winter as a larva hanging in a cocoon somewhere or is there still time for it to metamorphose into someone spectacular? I imagine the alteration in the canopy will attract some species and possibly discourage others that like a darker wood.

  2. I did textile design at school and we used photos like this to provide design inspiration and colour, pattern match ideas. The top I made was bright yellow just like this moths back with eyes like those on a butterfly.

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