Garden regulars

It has been a long day. We (I) drove a round trip of almost 3 hours to inspect a dog hotel for Lulu. We are off home to HK at the end of next month and she needs somewhere to stay. It passed muster. She will have her own room, TV and under floor heating. What a dog. She is also having some ‘training’ to see if she can learn to behave better. A folorn hope I fear.

I did manage a few minutes behind the lens and caught 2 of the regulars.untitled-6


I hope the weather is good tomorrow and I can find some more time.

29 thoughts on “Garden regulars

  1. We were pretty happy with Murphy’s home away from home. However, we would not take advantage of the CCTV to monitor his happiness. A sad dog would have caused a short vacation. No doubt Lulu will be keeping up with the home team matches and dining on plenty of grey squirrel biscuits.

  2. I know exactly what you’re up against. .. my BFF has 2 poms. 2. Did I say 2? Dog sitters never charge her regular rates after the first time! They really are like cats. You are just ‘staff’ to them.
    Love the little visitors!

  3. I continue to be awed by the colors of your subjects. Why they look different now is beyond me. I can only suppose it is the super-duper camera and lens that allows for the very real color of the squirrel and the rock dove or pigeon.

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