Today I am sure it is Autumn. I walked around the garden and everywhere the signs were there. The leaves are turning, a few even falling. Not yet mid-September. The hawthorn berries are out, rosehips abound. I picked blackberries in the garden yesterday. The fungi are on stage for a day or so before they fall.untitled-4-2A single dragonfly buzzed me last evening and again this morning. It never settled. Moving on. A few butterflies still try to cheer me up but the frog hasn’t been seen in days. The birds seem to be battling for the best nest holes in which they can roost. Winter draws on. The Tawny Owls were calling loud and long yesterday as we ate supper.

I felt rather saddened at this Blackbird this morning. It seems to be infected. I hope it can survive but probably the gene pool will filter it out.untitled-6

There is still warmth in the sun though and I was happy to see a Jay visit the pond even though it did so when I didn’t have my camera to hand. The birds don’t seem to warm up until 10am. It was dark before 18.30 today. Shortening days. I have only seen one bat of late but perhaps I should try the detector to see if I can pick up more.

My bulbs have arrived so I have a few hours of planting ahead. I buy with enthusiasm and then wonder where to plant. In the shaded copse? Along the borders? Randomly in the lawn? Pot them? Decisions of great moment.

This was the view down the left hand side of the garden this morning. Do you sense the autumnal edge to it?untitled-5-2

To round off the day here are two distant views of that treasured tree trunk with an occupier and a potential usurper.

Ready to repel borders…..untitled-8

I wonder if I sneak around the back when he’s not looking…untitled-9

21 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. I love the look on the woodpecker peeping out of the tree, as if to say ‘don’t muck about with me buddy.’ Autum has arrived in Finland with my H’s birth- village at 8c. Here, in Bowral it too was 8c but will warm to a very acceptable 20c today. Have a good week-end, Andrew.

  2. too early for the autumn, but some small signal begins to make Himself seen.
    Beautiful your garden, the beautiful woodpecker, is adorable!
    A hug and a big hello. Ciao, Pat

  3. Your awareness of autumn is so much more eloquently described and beautifully photographed, Andrew. I knew autumn had arrived in Colorado because I had to put on a hooked to take my walk. 🙂

  4. We had one blue jay that had a similar appearance to the blackbird above. Just a few nasty looking feathers on its head and neck. It did continue to show up for several years (their average life span is 7)…or maybe its progeny carried some odd genes that caused the blight.
    We are starting to see more leaf turning.

  5. Andew, you are a marvelous nature and garden writer. Yes, I can see the fallen brown leaves on the grass, a suggestion of Autumn.

    Autumn is my favorite time of the year. Over here there is ever so subtle of a hint of Fall in the air in the early morning before the sun has risen.

    Love those woodpecker shots. Excellent.

    • Each season has its merits Yvonne but Fall is always special, especially as we grow older it takes on more meaning. Eternal Autumn / Fall would be rather good.

      • I wonder why that is so, that Fall is special?But, I have always liked Fall the most. The colors of the leaves and the brown ones under foot that make muffled crunching noises.

  6. Dark by 18.30? That’s pessimistic. We can reckon on drawing the curtains here at around an hour later – but I grant you that the sun has disappeared long before…

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