Lodge Labours Lost

As fast as I plant I suspect someone is digging them up. I planted dozens of bulbs today and dashed hard work it was too. I broke my trowel trying to lever out some flint. That’s the second one to go. A John Lewis special it was too. There was enough flint to have started a fire. Half way through one batch I was harrassed by a wayward Retriever from next door. A fine way to introduce yourself. He seemed keen on my bulbs but the real worry is this chap.untitled-1Still, the CCTV is now up and running so if he is the culprit we shall be able to hand him over to the constabulary PDQ. Squirrel, we’ve got you covered.

More welcome today was the Song Thrush. There are several around here but they rarely come close and in the open. Song Thrush

I am not baiting the birds. I sit on the terrace in full view and if they hop by then all to the good. I felt the birds were settling this morning but then I was called away to Waitrose duty so we shall never know.

I also removed the bulk of the old fencing at the side of the house today. This required little more than brute force and ignorance. One out of two isn’t bad. I quite enjoy hitting things with a mallet. The new fencing goes in shortly so we will then be deer proof. A week Monday a man is coming to relay the terrace, level the ground underneath, repoint it and clean it so you could eat your breakfast off it. Things are moving faster outside than in.

Oddity of the day was a bat flying directly over my head at 16.20. Rather early for a bat I thought. Perhaps its alarm clock went off accidentally.So there we are. A working day for a change and the bonus is that I have lost 5lb recently. I need to lose another 5-10lb and then I shall be content. Though perhaps not quite as content as this chap.untitled-10


21 thoughts on “Lodge Labours Lost

  1. No squirrels here in New Zealand, but the song thrushes – of which there must be 10 in my garden creating a huge song racket at present – are the ones that dig up my bulbs – flower bulbs, and also onions and shallots…! Nature adapts!

      • Yes – it’s an introduced bird. And every morning I think of the Robert Browning poem:
        That’s the wise thrush; he sings each song twice over,
        Lest you should think he never could recapture
        The first fine careless rapture!

    • I’ve seen a max of 3 here Hilary. I am glad they are hanging on as they sing beautifully. They repeat their phrases 2 or 3 times which helps to pick them out.

  2. Bulbs are not very edible or tasty, I am surprised they are being dug-up. Are you sure it is not Lulu? Here in our little garden things are peaceful again. The possums have done their grunting deeds and Milo can sleep inside once again. In fact, one little baby-possum peeked inside last week but by the time I found my camera had disappeared.
    A great post and some very fine photos!

  3. Loved the suggestion to make the squirrel do you digging for you. Planting bulbs is hard work.
    It got chilly here, and I’ve been at my dad’s house cutting down trees that were growing under the eaves. Found loppers that could take them, at 3″! Then home to a sunny window, a hot cup and a good read. Perfect!

  4. The only way we can keep the squirrels from confiscating our bulbs, Andrew, is to spray the soil over them with deer-be-gone or sprinkle on crushed moth balls. Both work, but they kind of take the joy out of bulb planting.

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