So near yet so far

Coffee table bird photography is rather frustrating if the CT is more than a few yards from the birds. The birds are more mobile than a table and so you tend either to miss a lot or get small subjects that might be dust bunnies. The birds in my garden are not really picking the perfect distance at the moment but I live in hope.

Now every aspiring bird photographer knows that no portfolio is complete without a Robin perched on a spade. Someone had not read the script.BlueTit

This picture falls into the ‘dust bunny’ category and the bird is perched on the side of the spade not the top. It is also not a Robin. I checked in The Observer’s Book of Birds and it is definitely not red enough.

This bird is better. It does what is says on the can. Its called a Treecreeper and by golly it creeps on trees. Amazing!Treecreeper

Here’s another dust bunny dressed up as a Wren. We smart folks call these ‘in habitat’ shots to cover the fact that it was half way to the other side of the universe.WrenHere are 3 photos of the same genus to finish off. Two Blackbirds and a Song Thrush. Another 22 Blackbirds and I can bake a pie.Blackbird


Song Thrush

The middle one is a leading candidate in the ‘Scruffiest Bird’ competition and the last one looks vaguely bemused at life. I also photographed Coal Tit, Goldcrest and Nuthatch today but none passed as being blog-worthy. I am sure you will all be relieved to know that Mr. Squirrel is alive and well but lost out to the birds today. At least Squirrel has the decency to be big enough to be photographable from the coffee table. Birds, take note.


21 thoughts on “So near yet so far

  1. I think the dust-bird on the spade is seriously thinking of building a nest in it. You can see it calculating if the depth and width will hold a future family. Smart little bird. It could be a Robbin!

    • How kind Yvonne. But sometimes it flows and sometimes it doesn’t. This blog has a small but elite readership and I often wonder whether I should carry on. I am approaching 1000 posts and I still don’t have a style I am happy with. It’s nice to get a compliment occasionally. Thank you.

  2. Lots of BOAS beauty shots in this universe, but decent, entertaining or informative in habitat excuses for too distant are still my favorites. They are also the most challenging to pull off. There may be more glamour in the former, but the latter would be my choice. Sort of bird street photography.

  3. The blue tit and the wren, though making life difficult for you, have charmed me. The tree creeper is special. We have them, but I am lucky if I spot them every other year (I know, patience is the missing ingredient).

  4. I enjoyed this post very much, Andrew. Are you still writing? I haven’t been receiving posts from you in my inbox. I hope all is well with you.
    Not being proper in this field, I like the first one the best 🙂 It seems I like dust bunny shots.

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