True or False – the answer

I was in the office one day when my boss rang. 
Do you know that chap you met this morning is ObL’s brother in law? he asked. 

I wiped the coffee off my laptop and admitted that I didn’t. Then I thought it was a wind up. Almost. But not quite. 

The very British man involved had a half sister who married one of ObL’s brothers in America . The brother later died (ironically) in a plane crash. 

So it is more or less true. I’m not sure whether her being a half sister renders it false but I did do some research, read up on the family and it is a matter of public record. The brother in law is a very amiable and bright man. I hired him and worked with him for a year or so. 

It’s a small world. 

24 thoughts on “True or False – the answer

  1. Interesting!
    It is a small world. I find this phenomenon happening to me more as I age and meet more folks. Kinda makes you never want to speak ill of someone! They could be a relative of someone.

    • Indeed Marylin. I’m sure everyone has some odd connections but this one just happened to come to mind yesterday. I don’t know why. I met Yvonne Goolagong once. At Uluru. That’s another story.

  2. Meeting Yvonne Goolagong seems more of a story since you actually knew who you were meeting. Of course, even if you had known about OBL’s half brother in law the significance would not have been as meaningful.

  3. From the The Oval (a cricket ground)…

    My sister has the autograph of a policeman who had spoken to a woman who lived next door to *Geoff Arnold’s Auntie.

    *The Surrey and England pace bowler

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