Several people have asked about the lack of posts. Sometimes things just pile up on me. I had neither time nor lust to write. The house of horrors ground me down. I also took a short trip to Asia to fulfil some work obligations. In the meantime the clocks have gone back and it gets late earlier now. I have hardly touched the camera. Just a few phone snaps here and there. It is a shame as some of the light has been dreamy. Not so the last few days, which have been rain, rain and more rain. I have however been reading. I have finished the 900 pages of Kissinger. I didn’t take the book to HK as the luggage allowance was only 10kg for carry on. Instead I took and finished Valerio Massimo Manfredi’s book, Odysseus: The Oath. I have volume two in waiting. I enjoy Manfredi’s works enormously. I also have on order Bernanke’s latest offering and I am currently reading Adair Turner’s new book. Plenty to keep me occupied.

There was a bittersweet feeling to our return. We had a good trip on Finnair and collected Lulu as our first task. She had been having a fine old time with Treacle, a half Staffy. Upon seeing Mrs. Ha however she cavorted in circles of joyful canine celebration. I on the other hand looked with an air of resignation at the shag pile carpet of leaves and twigs that had descended mainly from the Red Oaks. Our Acers were as red as a Welsh Dragon. The pond net had done its job. The garden awaits.

Here followed an intermission. The ache to write is there but nothing flows. I wander out and my head fills with ideas, musings, fine words until I return to my desk and the horn of plenty has sprung a leak that I cannot plug. Everything has dribbled away. But here are a few shots from this morning. I need to start somewhere.

Feathered Thorn

Feathered Thorn



Tremella mesenterica TBC

xylaria hypoxylon

31 thoughts on “Adsum

  1. It is wonderful to have you back, but I understand. I am continually spread in more directions than I can really cope with, which is bad for all my undertakings. Adair Turner gave a wonderful lecture in Brussels at the EABH (European Association of Business History) a few years ago – I think you have given me a present idea for my husband.

    • It is a thought provoking book, Hilary. I am now reading The Rise of the Robots. Also making me think deeply. I just need something to kick start my writing again. Too much going on.

  2. One always needs more wit in one’s day and my days have missed yours, Andrew. But I also know how a house and its yard can command our time so knew you were up against it. The words will flow as you get back into tapping away.

    Glad you took some time for photography. You’ve a wonderful yard and I like the fungal lineup you composed. The long and short of it, as it were. And the candle snuff (great name) is a nice find.

    So you think the Kissinger was worth the read? Maybe I’ll give it a go. Probably would have cost you a fuel surcharge had you brought it along.

    • Thanks Melissa. The close ups are always fun. I think Mr. G is the real maestro. I struggle to get down to ground level for the best angles. Yes, it does feel odd having 2 homes but Britain is where we spend most of our time for now but I expect we will go back eventually. HK is easier for the older people I think as everything is so close and public transport so good. Everything is a compromise.

      • Chuckle…he recently showed a view of a frog I thought he must have gotten wet to have achieved 🙂
        I’m glad you will be able to enjoy a wonderful garden in Britain for awhile. Hopefully the House of Horrors is settling down and can be enjoyed??

  3. Well Andrew, I see that you are now in the (present) and I hope the trip was good for your mood. Lovely writing no matter the topic. Tis a pity that you have all that expensive “fang-dangled” (hick country speak) equipment and at the (present ) time you are using your phone.

    • Well yesterday’s pics were not phone shots Yvonne but all the Facebook posts have been. I am supposed to be planting my bare root roses today but the ground is waterlogged and I think it needs to drain a bit. Still, I am slowly coming out of my gloom pit.

      • Oh so sorry. I didn’t read your post closely and I missed the fact that those were not phone pics. They were very nice too.

        I’m glad you’re feeling better. Don’t forget to plant the roses where the soil doesn’t remain water logged for long.

  4. Ah there you are. Happy to see you back with some stunning photographs. I know that feeling of malaise on the writing front, particularly ideas swilling around in the brain with no inclination to get them onto a page. Perhaps the Autumn colours will inspire you 😉

  5. Glad to see you with your fungi friends 😉
    I have an opposite problem. I can’t seem to not write when I should be studying. I’m not touching my ‘puter till Monday, after I’ve studied. So there.

  6. The photos are delicious Andrew and it’s good to see you back. Perhaps, in addition to your camera’s third eye…when you are out and about and the cornucopia is filling with the ideas that flow as only they can in nature…you could bring a third ear in the form of a mini tape recorder, or record yourself on your phone? I know of these thoughts and images that come to mind when cavorting with the wild and wonderful…it’s a shame to lose them.
    BTW…the last photo looks like deer antlers…could they be? Or do you have some magical plant in the UK that disguises itself as such? Here’s to more sun than rain from now on…anything to get you outside and inspired 🙂

    • Rhonda, I could dictate to my phone but I’m always too busy. The antlers are tiny fungi. I believe it is known as Candle Snuff Fungus. Very attractive. I will try to use the voice recorder. It’s a very good suggestion. Thanks.

      • You’re very welcome and that’s so cool about the fungi. I’ll have a bit of a look into it, see if there’s anywhere here it grows.

  7. You lack the time and lust to write…but you read the 900 pages on Kissinger? Really?
    I’d worry about you, Andrew, except you’re still taking remarkable photographs! 🙂

    • Well I found the Kissinger tome interesting Marylin. It deals with the period broadly covering my childhood years. Although it is his biography it is packed with historical and political context. Much of the analysis remains valid today. So it was worth the investment. But I did miss the cameras.

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