How the other half

(of me lives)

Most people know how much I cherish my garden. An acre of rural Hampshire. When we sold our home in rural Hong Kong we moved into an apartment we had let out. So now, when we go back, our home looks a little like this.Theotherhalf

This is not our block but for millions of people in Hong Kong this is typically what home looks like.

I can adapt to either lifestyle. There are advantages to each. Ideally I would like my Hampshire home in Hong Kong but that is not possible. The real irony is that our home in Hong Kong is worth more than our home in Hampshire. Such is the absurdity of the HK property market.

Of course the determining factor of choice today is the dog. Lulu is not allowed to share our 26th floor apartment. She has the run of our Hampshire house, a basket for every room (almost) and her very own dog-wash basin and shower.Lulu showerWho’d want to be a dog? Live in a high-rise? Not woofing likely.


19 thoughts on “How the other half

  1. My acrophobia would never allow me to even visit you there much less live in one of those. And, then, there is the worry of this:

    Murphy also had a bed in every room…although those were most often our bed or sofa. He did not, however, take the obvious pleasure exhibited by your Princess in the second photograph. Such luxuriating.

  2. The deciding factors for me, Andrew, would be the garden and walking space…and having a dog! We used to rent a small furnished apartment in several different cities so we could go to museums, see more plays and musicals, sight-see and even take art and pottery classes. We loved meeting new people, but now we’re content to travel between Colorado and Kansas and make the most of small town charm with our family.

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