Yew’ll be fine

I walked in the wood behind the house this morning. No camera but my phone. I kept looking at the trees. Close up and gazing up to their fingertips. I looked at bark, roots, leaves, residents, hangers on….. anything the trees had on offer. 

In the middle stands a yew. The only one in the wood that I have found so far. A rubber tyre on a rope hangs nearby. A children’s haunt. A rope climbing frame too. In the wild.   It doesn’t look especially ancient but it’s a fine tree. I took a few other shots. Magical light today. I wonder what other walkers would think if they saw me crouched down, phone on the wet ground.       

Trees and me, we gotta thing going. 


25 thoughts on “Yew’ll be fine

  1. Yes, the comfort and healing factors that trees give are rarely mentioned. So glad you are
    The healing and comfort giving properties of trees are well known and am glad you are reenforcing that withose lovely shots, Andrew.
    Here people are rebuked or even demonished by some calling those of left leanings (or having lenient views) “tree huggers.”
    Can you believe it? I would take it as a compliment.
    Give me a tree anytime.

    Give me a tree anytime.

  2. A walk in the woods is good for the soul. Your yew is a handsome tree. I am taken with the bit of deadwood lying on the ground. Seems a worthy subject for another time when you have more than a phone with you. Maybe on a foggy day.

    • Steve, I was thinking of doing a focus stack on the log – need to think of the right angle – keeping the background to a reasonable bokeh. This is no more than 3 minutes from my garden gate. There was also a Buzzard flying overhead so the small patch has potential. I am intrigued to see what flowers pop up next Spring. It is popular with dog walkers but not excessively so. It is definitely worth exploring.

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